What to do on weekdays?

I’m getting bored and depressed.

What to do from mon to thu in the evenings?


I do gym in the morning’s.

I have natural tan.

No fking way am i doing laundry.


Get a Brazzers subscription.

Productive my man, productive.

I signed up for tennis classes and quit in a week. It made me run too much and i’m lazy.

Golf is too expensive.

Squash any good?

Is the weather nice enough for you to play tennis or golf?

Golf has positive NPV when considering networking opportunities. :slight_smile:

Evenings in the winter here suck. Dark, cold. Can’t really do a ton outside.

Yup the weather’s brilliant year round.

It’s b/w 25-35 c all year.

I can’t afford golf. It seems perfect though.

Badminton is a pussy game…so im leaning toward’s squash?

I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. Gym is the best for you physically and mentally. I’m going to go to my apts spin class today to sweat out all the crap I drank over the weekend and stare at some glutes. I need other ideas tho

Shouldn’t you be studying for the CFA?


Chinese poll classes


But the court is so small and you’re running laterally mostly. I’m not averse to running, it’s just that i didn’t enjoy tennis enough to do it.

What’s klonopin?

I wish i could do golf man, just ride around on a buggy and work on your shot. It’sjust too damn expensive though.

Nope, i have some material. I just read it over the weekends for an hour or two if i feel like.

Yeah, the prob is i have to put on weight and the guy in the gym tell’s me i shouldn’t be playing cause it burns calories.

Wtf? Does that even make sense?

Depend on your height/weight and what you want to do. Some people are just naturally very skinny. Unless you are doing a dedicated strength program like Starting Strength and don’t want cardio conditioning to interfere with da gainz there is really no reason to avoid playing tennis, squash, soccer, basketball or any other sport. Except golf. That’s not a sport.

Starting some healthy habit/hobby is a great way to fill some time. This tends to vary greatly by where you live…for example, in Philly I am not going stand up paddle boarding or surfing after work.

Yeah, it does make some sense, if you’re not eating enough. You need to eat lots and work out hard if you want to gain weight and not gain flab.

If you need to gain weight, you need to eat more, end of story. Not working out for fear of burning calories is probably not a reasonable path.

It depends on your age group and if you’re single. I’d recommend joining some type of professional society, social sports league etc that meets once a week.

you should do something new and exciting that is also helpful to others. For example here’s something I did way back when:

i was a sophomore in college and the university decided to raise tuition. a classmate of mine, brenda, in an effort to raise money and stay in school, came up with a nifty plan where she’d date guys and charge them money. i helped her out by making a schedule and providing transportation services. she said she needed my help to make sure dates went ok and that the guys paid her and that she would give me a percentage. it was great to help a friend and put a little coin in my pocket.