What to use to study Ethics

Don’t really feel like reading the 160 pages on guidance. Fortunately i have some options. Should I use;

  • Schweser 2019 notes ?
  • Wiley 2018 notes ?
  • IFT 2018 notes ?

The year should not matter too much.

I used Wiley for the GIPS but not too impressed with them.

is anyone particularly pleased with Schweser or IFT summaries?

Great great question. The ethics reading are brutal.

Went with IFT.

Nicely done, with a lot of bulletpoints.

Still required to read the applications of course but that is fine.

The guidlines themselves weve seen before as well, of course

Honestly, nothing will beat the actual curriculum especially when it comes to ethics in my opinion. I know it’s hard to get through but it’s the final stretch and I think you can realistically tough it out if you’ve made it this far.

I agree with this approach. Just a section or two before you close up for the night. Repeat once your done.

ethics is pretty easy.

dont be unethical and you should be good to go;

id say 80-90-% pass rate

It is somewhat unusual to me that people make these type of questions on L3 sub-forum. You have made it this far, and are going to read the material for at least the third time. What is the fuss? This should be the easiest portion of the exam.

Ethics on the exam was really difficult. Although material is the same, the way ethic questions were asked was brutal and having read CFAI ethics for a third time didn’t help (L1 and L2 always passed with > 70%)