What Topic did you Study Today

Dear All Lets motivate each other. Please lets share what we studies and accomplished today. Thanks

Econ. Reading 25. Money, Interest, Real GDP and the Price level. Plan is to complete this reading today. How about you?

Did a 50 Question Econ/Quant/Ethics Qbank test, gonna finish fixed income readings later tonight

I’m going through qbank right now at lunch at work. I actually finished economics and started on FSA this past weekend. I’m in full stride mode right now.

finished econ this weekend. i’m starting on fsa tonight after work.

Finished leases in FSA this weekend and did a 60 question test over all of FSA up to then. I’ve read through Quant and Econ, but once I finish the last readings of FSA, I’m going to spend a couple days doing tests over all Quant, Econ and FSA then move on to ethics.

going between quant and econ, I actually enjoy the econ reading and it helps me stay motivated after getting stuck in quant… is this a bad idea? I’ll surely have to re-read Q again…seems you have to have it down cold.

Finished FSA this weekend, starting on corpfinance tonight.

working on my stalla HW questions for ethics when i get a chance at work.

ECO SS4, Reading 16

After getting stuck at Quant~starting Econ tonight! … looking to gain some momentum and wrapping it up in 10 days and then onto FSA.

You could do Econ in 10 days

Finished Reading 37 (FSA) as of today… Hoping to finish FSA by next week…

kochunni69 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You could do Econ in 10 days ==== Yeah 10 + a couple of days here n there … my goal is to finish it by Sun Feb 10

I do not believe that econ is doable in 10 days…

If you have a full time job, even finishing Econ in two weeks would be a stretch

geewitz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Econ. Reading 25. Money, Interest, Real GDP and > the Price level. Plan is to complete this reading > today. How about you? we are on the the same page

Hi, just joined this forum as registration opened a couple of days back(India).I have started with quant basics.If anyone can advise me what should be my study plan going forward,it would be really really helpful. And if possible for someone to devote some time and tell me what timelines i should set for myself for various topics for this June L1’08. I hope i am not posting it at the wrong place.Thanks a lot in advance.

Good luck android…I’m from India too mate. Do you feel suckered yet? :slight_smile: Did Markets in Action last night…intend finishing off SS6 by tomorrow. Am gonna leave SS5 for the weekend… Econ in 10 days!!!@!!Where are you guys studying from?It shouldn’t take more than a couple of days!!I’m doing Schweser so perhaps…that said, I have a full time job.

took me more than 2 weeks for eco well i’m using cfai text book i only use schweser for the topic that i cant understand from cfai and for the revision before the exam