what video games you playing? what device?

pc, mobile, ps4, xbox? and whats your next gen console?

right now, im playing roller coaster tycoon (og version) on my ipad lol. i paid 5 bucks for it. haha

i also just bought the playerunknown battleground, its kind of like hunger games. 100 ppl are dropped in 1 map, whoever dies last wins. game is about strategic placing and camping. the area gradually gets smaller and smaller, so you cant camp forever.

leisure suit larry on my 286. The graphics are unbelievable!

^That game was so disappointing.

Civ 6 on my Mac

Still playing Skyrim and GTA on my Xbox1. Sometimes I turn on Geometry Wars and just rock out to the sweet techno tunes.

Waiting impatiently for Red Dead 2.

ps4 or xbox1?

Dare I say… World of Warcraft, PvP’ing a lot lately when I do get the chance to play.

Will get back into Call of Duty in November when they release the new game. On Ps4.

…Been thinking about playing Skyrim again, miss the game’s soundtrack.

Xbone. Dark Souls 3 and battlefield. Tried Gears of War but I get creamed as a casual. I find console to be easy to pickup and put down. After sitting at a desk all day I wouldn’t want to spend any leisure time playing games on a computer.

N64 Mariokart

League and almost reaching challenger

so many hour wasted …

Seriously aren’t you all grown ass men? You really play video games?


Yeah poker too

Get woke. https://www.polygon.com/2013/1/30/3932876/research-playing-first-person-shooters-improves-learning-abilities-cognitive-function

XBOX 1: Battlefield 1 and 4, Siege, and new COD when it comes out.


and Metal Gear Solid.

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FIFA17; xbox one

Should I spend more time watching Info Wars and meditating to awaken my kundalini for all day no fap orgasms?

Only mind games on AF posters :stuck_out_tongue:

You should be meditating.

yea simulating the act of killing people over and over and over and over in an ever increasingly lifelike setting couldn’t possibly have any negative effects on your mind.