What would you do with $420m?

So whoever bought yesterday’s Powerball is worth $760m. After taxes, I figure that they’re probably walking away with $420m.

How would you spend your $420m?

hookers and coke my friend

well, more money causes more problems and the scripture says its harder to stick a camel with a needle than it is to be rich and get into heaven, so i would probably give it to my most hated enemy :bulb:. i truly pity the satanic winners

Probably start a major league wrestling - real wrestling - league. First move would be to eliminate the spandex, which for some reason causes everyone to go crazy, and then partner up with FlowWrestling to network the competitions. Next move would be to incorporate a major league BJJ & Sambo organization.

Two women at the same time.

And each gets $210 mln in the end??

KMD you in?

$380m, wait for the next recession in 1-3 years and buy growth stocks/etfs (75%) and bonds (25%) at the bottom. $30m, buy that island with the mountain ive always wanted, hollow that sucker out, stick in bioengineering labs and a nice port that goes underground, a nice climbing gym, get an observatory at the top of the mountain, and a great kitchen and workout facility. $5m emergency fund. $5m, funding until the recession comes.

10,000 sq ft penthouse in nyc at 15CPW and 10,000 sq ft home with 5 acre land in Hidden Hills CA and travel every month. put the rest of the money into 40% bonds and 60% SP500.

well first contact the best lawyers to represent you and form an LLC

Besides 2 chicks at the same time? Nothing. I would relax, I would sit on my ass all day, I would do nothing.


A 1 million city penthouse in front of the golf. A 1 million beach house. A 1 million retired house. A 1 million set of cars (audi Q7, BMW X6, Mercedes S, etc). A 1 million in clothes and personal stuff. A 1 million furniture for the houses. A 1 million on fly tickets. A 1 million in … damn this is hard… don’t know. A 1 million parties in a year? Shet…

I don’t know man. I barely spent the 2%…

When you have that much money though, the 1 million dollar parties wont do it anymore, youre gonna want the 10 million dollar parties, and those will start to add up.

i think you’re wrong about the net payout for a $700m advertised jackpot is $443m lump sum before taxes. then you are taxed 40%, so 265m, then you have state taxes, say 5%, so around $250m net of everything.

the annual payments on the other hand. will be roughly 700/30 = or $23m/year. the payout will increase by 5% per year. net of taxes using top assumptions, this’ll be an annual payment of $13, increasing by 1.05 each year.

for non finance guys i would tell them to take the annual payment, because it reduces risk.

for finance guys, i would tell them to take lump sum. cuz u can prolly earn more than 5%/year.

at the current environment, i would do 15% bonds. 85% stocks.

I’ll withdraw 3% to 5%/year or $7.5m to $13m as my annual budget, split this up on a monthly basis, then turn up everyday. i’ll prolly never get married and travel a lot while banging a lot of chicks worldwide.

Buy a low to middle market NBA team. Then come off the bench to launch 3s from time to time.

Pre-tax lump sum is actually $480.5MM, so figure about $288MM after-tax. Still adequate to fund a comfy retirement though. First thing would be to quit my job and then line up some kick-ass tax attorneys and accountants to set up the appropriate LLC’s and trusts. We have enough savings that we can go a year or so without paychecks, so we would lay low and claim the reward after all the hype has died down. I don’t want to move my kids away from their friends and we really like our house, so we probably wouldn’t move. I wouldn’t want my name on it anymore though, so would probably lend money to one of my buddies so he could buy it off of me and 6 months or a year later have one of my trusts buy it back. Having it go directly from me to a trust would be too obvious. Probably buy a vacation house someplace warm. I like our existing cars, but would probably upgrade both. After that, play golf and travel when the kids are off from school. Probably put a couple million aside to play angel investor.

have a litter of puppies and send them all to college :+1:


You would lose half right away.

Lock the money out somehow so I would not go partying for the next 3 years.I would only take 4 Mil out,2 mils to buy my parents a better home,1 for a rainy day and the rest to live a better life for the next 3 years.

After I finish my studies spend 50 million on dinners with extremely smart people, and think about how to start a venture of my own. I would probably kill myself if I have nothing to fight for so I would somehow stop myself from having all the money at one time.

most of you guys talk about partying and girls…you guys should come out and live in NYC for 1 year. Just do it before you get married. You will not regret.

Buy a nicer chair for my desk.

And a 575 Maranello.

^ Surely you would keep the S2000 though, right?