What ya' reading?

Any hot literature you guys are into that I could pick up too over the next 8 weeks?

We have at least two very good threads on books. If someone with the skills of Greenie or igor could bump one of those, I’d be inclined to lock this.

My B.

The Auschwitz Escape. It’s a good book so far. It’s based on a true story about a Polish Soldier who broke into Auschwitz to understand what was going on at the concentration camps and then escaped. It’s also a good read given everything going on the in country right now. It might make someone rethink using the Nazi Germany comparison in their arguments.

After The Auschwitz Escape, I’ll probably read Fooled by Randomness.



I bought Doug Demuro’s book, Plays with Cars and am reading it on Kindle. It is not the height of literature, but pretty entertaining so far nonetheless.

I’m reading 3 books at once. It all started when I was about to start my 3rd book by N. Taleb “Skin in the Game”. I became worried that I was letting one guy’s point of view influence my thinking too much. I had heard about this giant beef Taleb has with Steven Pinker so I was like, perfect! I added “The better Angles of our Nature” to the mix. Indeed Pinker’s worldview contrasts nicely with Taleb. Mission accomplished. Then, being that I had never read Ayn Rand, someone described her being the foundation of objectivism. I could not resist the chance to directly compare notes with the two other authors I am reading.

So there you have it:

Skin in the Game

The Better Angles of our Nature

The Fountainhead

…a steel cage death match for possession of my future thoughts and actions! Try it… read multiple authors that if you put them in a room together, the would probably break into a fist fight. Lol!

^Ayn Rand would dominate Pinker and Taleb in the squared circle.

Ha!.. yes, I have been reading up on the Rand’s character and personal life. I agree!

^Unfortunately she wasn’t the greatest human. Or really even nice. In fact, she was pretty despicable. Good writer though.

I agree… Taleb is a piece of work personally as well… more of a asshole than actually despicable though. Nonetheless I too think separating the person from their ideas is a good practice across the board. Just as important not to over value the ideas of charismatic “nice” people!

Currently Operating Risk management for second time. Inspiring reading. Like a poetry.

Taleb’s whole ideology is just constantly be short right? Is there an order you have to read his books in? Starting with antifragile?

Lol…what? Omg…no! Hahaha. Antifragile is the most comprehensive book of his. Also read Fooled by Randomness but basically is very similar to Thinking Fast and Slow and the later does a better job of it IMAO.

Last book I picked up was “2017 Social Security and Medicare Facts”.

I was trying to figure out how to help a client reduce his/her premiums for Medicare Part B, because they had a one-time spike in income, which will drive up their premiums by about $300 per year.

Fun stuff!!!

Pinker is such a lightweight, too much subordinating of the truth for marketing purposes. Taleb is much more intellectually honest. I didn’t know they had a war, need to go search tweets now…

I am only 17% into Pinker, but I am getting that impression. Even so, I am sure there are SOME valid points and anyway, I should make up my own mind about it.

Yes, the beef is a couple years old but apparently Taleb wrote a paper discrediting Pinkers work. Then Pinker wrote a paper in defense. The impression I got was that Taleb was discrediting Pinker’s interpretation of statistics…but Taleb also misinterpreted Pinker’s main point. Taleb says just because there has been a local trend for less wars does not mean we are about irrupt into world war 3. However, Pinker never claims that is the case. He is more about the analysis of violence in society, between individuals, and our perspective in culture of violence. But when Taleb gets pissed… he is like a dog with a bone and does not let up!

Aaron Brown, risk analyst legend and a thinker I respect, did a write up on the beef that made me at least want to give Pinker a shot


Yeah, Pinker is not a total dum dum. He does say a lot of true stuff.

It’s entertaining. He likes to target one individual, and direct all energy to a massive attack, rather than weak attacks on a dozen different individuals. He slammed that Bloomberg chick (Tracy Alloway) awhile back. It was so pleasing! :grin:

Stormlight Archive book 3

Lol! Did he call her a “Charlton”? One of my twitter friends commeted in response to something Taleb said and brought up Pinker just the other day. Taleb barked at him like a Doberman! The guy was just being reasonable and curious. Taleb just bit his head off!