What you don’t do! You do for love! Managing expectations!

So marriage question boys! I didn’t pop it haha. But current gf at my current trip is dropping hints and we had a serious convo about it.

she was telling me about her friends wedding and it was like 35k. And says she kinda wants the same. She then proceeded to mention that in the Mexican culture the guy is xpected to pay.

I shut that kind of crazy talk down right away and quoted a wsj article that says divorce rates increase at the 25k mark. No effect! I offered first 10k I’ll answer the rest must be split. She disagreed.

i then proceeded with a warren buffet quote about how he longest most successful marriages were built on low expectations. Still no effect. I told her a small wedding may be better!

I continued on about the worthlessness of marriage and the importance of a prenup. She said she knew that I would demand it from the start and she was cool but wedding cost I must accept and that I shoulder all of it. This crazy Bish.

So I go on about stupidity of a wedding, the importance of saving and my abilities compound money like cray! She doesn’t believe me. I tried to guilt her about future kids education and importance of owning an apartment complex when markets crashes. She said wedding is only once and I should suck it up.

i then told her of my original plan to get a mil go back home and just sleep around until I die. She thinks I’m disgusting haha! Well maybe for the women not so much me. Anyways she did not blink.

She showering right now I’m going to try to see if she still down for pound. But lol i may have fucked this relationship lol. We’ll see!

How can I lower her expectations. I’m trying my darnest. Should I replace her or just keep whoring around or bite the bullet. Also how much did your wedding costs along with the engagement ring. I was thinking of just asking my mom for her ring so ish free. Af let’s discuss.

i think your best bet is to go thru life being single. like leo or clooney.

Seems like you answered the question. Bounce and Find redemption at the roulette table.

At the AYCE, did she put in a respectable showing or did she eat 1/3 of a plate and say, “I’m sooooo full!!”?

To the poundtown as soon as she got out of the shower. A bit of whiskey dick in between. Cuz I kept hispering low expectations repeatedly and we both cracked up and kept on. She told me to stop worrying, I don’t even have a ring. So we stopped, And I was like bish this serious, if You can’t split the bill then you cant dictate how big it should be or the price. I then finished with the coup de Gra and said it’s not that I can’t afford it. 30k even 50k, but this is all a waste a one time expense that will yield nothing except your prized memories that most attendants will not really care about. Baeee I love you but money right now at the beginning of the game is important, I promise that whatever we save will help your children. And like an eruption boom I won. End of convo! And now she is showering again as I clean the bed! I need to shower too!

We have not eaten at the buffett because it’s 46 bucks Saturday and Sunday! But it drops tomorrow on Monday to 28 bucks with my discounts it goes to 18. Unlimited crab tomorrow, I have reserved for 11 am. I am a plat orbitz member so I got free late check out at 1 and 10 free credit plus I randomly won 15 when I registered! Anyways This bish was like why didn’t you reserve today and when I told her this, she was like I shoulda known, youcheap bastard. Lolllkkl

I think ours is budgeting out in the 25-30k mark. I could do without the entire thing but whatever, it makes the girls happy.

I dropped 25K at mine. Wife’s parents and my dad paid the rest. You’ll have to accept that weddings aren’t cheap. Girls don’t like to talk about downsizing the wedding. Sadly, it’s a huge waste. 25K of Amazon stock would have been valued at $75K by now…

"And now she is showering again as I clean the bed! I need to shower too! "

Dafuq did you guys do

Yeah, great points. And if you had put the $25K in bitcoin… $25K worth of bitcoin when it started would be, let me calculate … worth roughly $55 trillion dollars now. You’d be bigger than the economy. All for a wedding. Tragic.

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Went rawwwwwww!!!

Lol she’s like what if I get pregnant?!

and I was like well that’s at least an investment. A wedding is not lol!

^ The pregnancy comment from her …that’s a little dangerous. Be careful, cuz the pullout method doesn’t really work.

You are gonna be daddy soon!

I think it’s time to replace

Over/under on the due date: January 25

What’s the line on twins???

Those latinas are all pro life too.

Lol. Aight so real talk. I was thinking of dumping her when I dropped her off. She tried to be all lovey dovey and I was like stop I’m thinking right now. Gave her silent treatment for 2 hrs. Then when I dropped her off, well I’m thx again for coming had a lot of fun and learned a lot about you. It’s a good idea we went on this trip and learned about each other’s expectations. Right now I don’t really know what to say but we’ll talk more about it in the future. I basically left it at that. I figure I wait for a 1 month cycle to not create bad blood. Also I can’t dump her on her bday. Plus I should prolly give her time to think. I think her demands that I pay for everything and that it be 30k is ridiculous. If she can’t negotiate then I feel like I can’t be with this person. Cuz she’ll prolly have me keep up with the joneses. She totally changed since I first met her. And I am sadly very disappointed. Thought she was the one, but now she’s about to be another one. -dj Khalid!!!

igor i always wanted to be single. I miss it! I was like showing her my Snapchat thots. My contact list of hoes. To basically show her how replaceable she is. To no avail. Actually three of those thots messaged me to say how beautiful she is. Which I showed her and fueled her fucking ego!! Anyways when I watch other people Snapchat everyone so lit, mine only looks lit but not really. The hotel was a lot of families and old people. There were no clubs. Buffet was great though, had a lot of crab that was pre cracked!! Yummm

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So first you baited her with marriage talk to go bareback. Then, you alternate between praise and silent treatment to send her on an emotional roller coaster. Finally, you ghost her on her birthday because she didn’t read Art of the Deal. Really balling life over there. Clearly a skilled influencer.

Yo kid, I never thought I’d say this to anyone, but you should have some of what Turd was smoking.