What's new in Ethics vs. L1/L2?

Haven’t looked at Ethics yet and was going to leave it until the last month. Are there any new sections like there were for L2 (i.e. soft dollar, etc).

Is there any chance there are essay questions on this or is this always MC section? I had a look at the Results thread from last year and it didn’t seem to appear in the AM essay section.

I’d say 90% is the same. The new stuff covers asset manager code of conduct.

Ok, cool, here’s hoping for another 50%-70% on this crap shoot.

Pretty sure from what Ive read and heard, in the past, ethics has always been 2 item sets (10%) in the PM section. However, that of course doesnt mean it will be the same going forward or that my previous statement is even 100% true.

Frankly, I’d rather BS my way through an ethical scenario in the AM section than something else based on behavioral finance.

I think Ethics appears primarily (or maybe even exclusively?) in the PM section because it’s so damn subjective. At Levels 1 & 2, I found that I could reason in my head that every answer was technically right given certain circumstances that weren’t mentioned. My bet would be that CFAI seeks to avoid situations where people present convincing arguments in an Ethics constructed reponse question that doesn’t fit their guideline answer EXACTLY.

Boom. My definition of BS. LOL.