What's next after CFA?

Lets say you’ve got the charter. Maybe some other certs. You’ve got an OK job. What’s your path to career glory? I don’t think it’s more certifications or designations. I think people are hiring ‘useful’ skills like law or coding.

So, are any Charterholders here thinking of law school, P.Eng or coding training?

Ive thought about going to law school. I was talking with the COO and asked whether he thought it would be wise for me to pursue an accounting designation. He thought law school would be a better option becuase it is important to know how to protect our assets, etc. Even though this is why you hire lawyers…it’s maybe still a good idea to be on a level of understanding with them. This is for corporate and retail banking, FYI.

“OK job” is the problem right there. Forget the certs, get a GOOD job, crush it, then models and bottles.

Interesting. That seems really counter-intuitive given the legions of unemployed lawyers, the absurd cost of attending law school, increasing usage of outsourced legal advisory and general sense of malaise surrounding that industry.

mba for me 2016 or 2017. really depends on me clearing L3(hopefully this june) and hopefully obtaining a 700+ gmat, in the mean time imma leverage up everything i own (so surprised real estate is still up and rates are still low). then gonna buy another self liquidating property near my mom’s work, she already told me her co worker is down to pay 1.5k a month (lack of capital and credit is truly opportunity). wait to fully vest company shares (talk of ipo already in the news). finish setting up a couple more business for some side income. (hoping to earn half of current salary by this year).

the investment indusrty though is really something else. you use opm and they pay u for the privelege (DAFUQ?). actually i been thinking. is it possible to be a fa while going to mba? I can raise at least a mil in aum right away (friend ran it by me last year, and i know its tiny). dun really kno how much more if i press hard, but they ballers. if i do where should i go? i was thinking lpl initially (they contacted me for istitutional sales a month ago, i was surprised cuz i never even applied) in any case, are employers down for this? Full time mba of course, and i dun want to be near the office, stricly by the phone.

I hope you brushed your teeth after you threw up on your keyboard.


^^ Be an FA and get an MBA at the same time? I don’t know. Being an FA is serious business. Compliance & constant selling. Unless someone is just going to give you a significant amount of money to manage (unlikely), then you may be able to do some FAing. Yes, you can do it all by phone. One million won’t be nearly enough.

You selling Fitbits?

@ OP, law school and CFA? I don’t see those two going together. Do what itera wrote.

Law school is another long battle.

It is not a walk in the park to get in to a decent law school first of all, say you get in, it doesn’t mean you will get to study what you really want to study, let’s say you do get to study patents and intellectual properties like you wanted, you may not find a firm that you hire you…

The road to become a lawyer and practicing law in your areas of interest is 100x harder than getting a good job with a CFA… so say you only get an OKAY job as a lawyer, then what’s next?

I can’t tell if this is a troll post

CFA -> upgrade job -> crush at level -> director -> partner with equity stake-> ??? -> profit

I fixed this for you.

CFA -> upgrade job -> crush at level -> director -> partner with equity stake-> PURSUE MBA AND MANAGE $1 MILLION AND A SINGLE FAMILY RENTAL PROPERTY -> profit

^lol when you put it that way, it sounds hella silly. it sounds more baller when i write my mba essay in my head.

but yea no trolls. lol. the cost of ambition amiright.

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What about enjoying life OP?

Thanks itera, lol.

I thought everyone knew the trick to warping ahead. Take the upward moving platforms to jump on top of the bricks making up the ceiling. Run clear past the finish and then you’ll see three pipes that will take you to different levels. I warped directly to “Passed L3, awaiting work approval.” Sure, you miss out on the earlier levels, but it’s the fastest way to completion.

Edit: Eating large mushrooms is optional but recommended.

Running a financial planning practice while doing a full-time MBA isn’t ambition - it’s either very selfish or very stupid. That’s the part that stuck out to me the most when I read your post.

why would you think that? im neither i can assure you. i juss saw synergies on the idea cuz top school to lend credibility so people will trust you, good network to build on (odds are the people there are extreme ballers so perfect place to prospect), plus a ton of free time. plus i am not doing a financial practice. i geniuinely enjoy researching stocks and creating portfolios. but if a friend was giving me a base and aum, shouldnt i try to monetize that with a firm and gather more aum. i continue my exp. my 7/66 licenses wont expire. i gain more exp for charter. and if in 2 years whether i make it or not make it, i still have a side business, cuz the contacts will stick with me. anyways i dont really know, i juss turned 26. which is why i am asking if people have heard this go down, cuz to me it makes sense.

I like your thinking.