What's something you've wanted to learn or do, but haven't

Learning to play the piano is one for me

Wing Chun

I had so many grand plans during all those hours staring at a wall putting off studying.

I was going to run a marathon, learn mandarin, learn to play the piano. I ended up just getting back into drinking

I wanted to learn how to drive my relatively new car on the track but will have to delay that for at least a year or 2.

cook. i microwave everythinggggg!

Two chicks at the same time.

I bet if I was a millionaire, I could hook that up.

Meal prep on Sundays dude

Be awesome with nunchucks.

*Insert Shia Lebeouf.

learn mandarin, ah I want to do that and live in Shanghai and understand what those weird Chinese are thinking so bad.

You’re never done that? It must be a sheltered life in west Texas.

you mean like the biggest BSD of the planet: Sumner Redstone

  • Last fall, Sumner Redstone (94 yo) sued two of his former companions, Manuela Herzer and Sydney Holland, accusing the women of taking advantage of his advanced age to make off with $150 million.
  • Holland filed a countersuit in December, accusing Redstone of giving out millions to many other women, including $18 million to a flight attendant on the CBS corporate jet and $6 million to the flight attendant’s sister.
  • Herzer also filed a lawsuit accusing Shari Redstone of depriving her of a $70 million inheritance, while Sumner Redstone is suing Herzer over a penthouse apartment at the Carlyle Hotel they once shared.


That guy is senile as F. I can’t believe they let him run CBS until he was like 90.

Bomb disarmament and disposal

Sky diving


Emergency medicine

Brazilian jujitsu/krav maga

Humint collection


How to impersonate people

How to deliver superior investment returns

Tight rope walking

High bar

Trad climbing

Crime scene investigation

How to identify poisons

How to make antibodies

Offensive driving

How to fly a jet

How to sketch really accurately with pencils

Algebraic geometry


How to access and make use of NSA intel gathering tools

How to avoid being detected by the NSA

How to collect intel

I can legitimately check these two off of my list.

shooting guns is actually pretty fun. i still remember how my hand felt when i shot it. how my arms recoiled up. how defeaning the sound was. i felt my heart race. anyways i actually want to practice more and someday go on a real hunt.

Earn a PhD in knot theory.

Finish the Tevis Cup.

Ride a cutting horse.

Is that already in progress?

I hope to hear back this week from a professor at UC Davis who specializes in knot theory. She finds my situation “interesting”.

I’m hoping that I can do my course work at UC Irvine (which is close to me), then plan to move to Northern California in the next 2 - 3 years to do research and my dissertation at UC Davis. I don’t know if that’s possible.

UC Santa Barbara is another possibility, I’m told: they (apparently) used to be the center of the knot theory universe.

That’s awesome, hope you get the chance to do it.