What's something you've wanted to learn or do, but haven't

Learn a bunch of languages. Specifically German, Russian, and Mandarin.

Get back into music. I used to be decent on the piano and guitar. I’d like to add an obnoxious wind instrument - bagpipes or harmonica.

Rebuild/customize a Chevy Apache.

Pilot a helicopter.

Become proficient in BJJ.

Own a Class 3 weapon. Thompson subby, UMP45, or M60 preferably.

Run a triathlon.

I’ve never been to Davis, but Santa Barbara is a beautiful place!!! And the UCSB campus is right next to the ocean!!! :wink:

I want to learn to hunt an animal in the wild, kill it, clean it, and cook it.

And also learn to Tango :+1:

Good for you kmd. In my opinion, everyone who eats meat should have to do this once in a while.

Start with pigeons

If you’ve never cleaned something, it’s easiest to start with fish and work your way up to larger animals.

My wife needs a deer hunting partner this winter. C’mon down.

Exactly. When people look at me like I’m nuts when I say I want to do this, I ask them if they eat meat. They usually do. :neutral_face:

The dream is to to do it like Anthony Bourdain did in the Scottish Highlands. You have wear the gore of the kill on your face all day as you trek in the rugged backcountry. Badass.

yeah i wanna hunt too. there is nothing more badass that hunting a defenselss animal with high tech gadget made for killing.

I’d love to gut, clean and barbeque a golden retriever puppy or a maine coone cat.



fucking scumbag


To clarify, I’d be cool with people killing farm animals too, and cleaning them. Doesn’t matter so long as they’re getting their hands dirty.


Wait? How else did you all spend your weekends when you were growing up?

I’m interested in what other hobbies / things others have tried. Can we extend this thread to:

  1. Things I have tried recently and found out I really liked
  • Dancing (salsa, bachata) - just started this year. I absolutely love it. Been going to different clubs and dance lessons every week. RIP BChad.
  • Swimming - Been going for the past 2 months. Didn’t know how to before. I’ve always been one of those who cling to the side. I improved a lot by watching Youtube videos on proper technique.
  • Yoga - this took a lot more strength than I realized. A real workout.
  1. Things I will do (eventually)
  • Learn French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Russian. In that order.
  • Cooking - Know how to cook basic stuff but want to follow more advanced recipes.
  • Learn computer programming: python - Just started and I love thinking through the logic structure of CP.
  • Practicing my handwriitng, calligraphy.
  1. Things I want to try but never will / can’t
  • Pilot a fighter jet

I went through a brief yoga phase a few years ago. The day after my first class I was sore in places I didn’t even know existed. So much worse than being sore after leg day. But, after your core gets in shape, it’s pretty fun. I should look into doing some classes again.

This was always the worst for me. That first morning after when you get out of bed and feel like your legs were physically abused while you slept

the worst is when you start a totally new gym workout and the soreness doesn’t set in until day 2. you wake up and think you’ve got away with it and then it hits you.

haha the bachata. i frequent hispanic clubs and i never really took lessons but many have said im a good dancer. all i really do, is grind hard on the front while moving my hands everywhere on their body and try to make out, and flip them once or twice for the grind.

rofl this video is pretty much what i do. but i dont kick my foot up or hold their hands like that. i usually try to move my legs up and down and move my hands from their hips butt to thigh in repetitive motion, squeeze a full grope every now and then. lol. also i suck at flipping chicks, and for some reason the chicks sometimes flip me.


swimming is fun. i used to live right next to cerritos park which had an olympic sized pool open to the public during the summer for free so i used to swim there everday after work. its an amazing work out with little wear and tear on your body except maybe strengthening your arms.

i sort of did yoga in college when i had wiifit. it was allright i guess.