what's the progress, mates?

It is about 16 weeks left for the exam day. I am done with 40% of the syllabus but just realised that im rushing without making sure that I have strong grasp of the concepts. What’s up with all you?

Plan to have FSA, Corporate Finance, Quant and Economics done, by the first week in march, and then finish Equity, FI, Der, Alt, PM, in March. Its going to take a lot of work!

Failed last year so technically studied everything already, just not well enough : / but this time around, done Economics, Equity, FRA, and half of quant. Quant was a 70+ for me, likewise corp finance which I am doing next, so some time early in first week of march should be done both of those. Then, in this order, I will do Alternative Investments, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Ethics, which should take me up to May with a month to do pure review, mocks, and formula memorization.

Finished all the way to Corp. will spend this week reviewing past content and mixing it up with some equity

Done Quant, Eco, FSA, and Corp Finance, still have to sleigh the beast (aka Equity) and all that other good stuff. Definitely not looking forward to Portfolio Managment! Seems like a shitload of material for only 1 item set

done quant, econ fra corp+equity gonna review everything until the 20th this month. then finish the rest

L2 repeater. Quant, derivatives, Fixed income >70 last yea Studied only schweser last year. Done Econ and FRA (CFAI) with hand written notes and all EOCs. To do in order: equity, Corp.Fin, alternatives, fixed income, port. mgmt, derivative, ethics and quant. (all CFAI) Quant, derivatives, Fixed income >70 last year - leave e’m till last,

Just took L1 in Dec and just wrapped up Corp Fin yesterday. I have been doing notecards and Qbank questions for review but the latter are not that great, espeacially compared to what they had for L1 (frankly I read the question and can see how some complicated questions can come out of them, then when I get to the actual questions they are really basic). Going forward I will be doing CFAI EOC questions every few days on past material. Goal: Have my first run through of all the material done by the end of the first week of April and spend the next 2 months reviewing, taking practice tests, and honing weak areas. Concerns: Not retaining enough information, being able to understand the big picture but not having enough time to really learn the ins and outs of how to work problem sets. Other key conerns are burn out and the fact that my performance at work is already starting to suffer from a lack of concentration/effort.

eek. barely started better get a jiffy on

similar position as brainwasher… finished Corp. Finance…for Ethics, stats and Econ read schweser…FSA and Corp finance CFAI books…going forward will only read CFAI. I strategy: Read CFAI (1 SS per week avg.) do Schweser concept questions at the end of each session…At the end of each SS I watch schweser lecture and do all EOC. I do about 10 questions per reading on qbank or finquiz after the SS. After each volume I do a cumulative exam, excluding ethics. Goal is to finish all of Equity by February 25th (I have a week off next week) then spend the weekend reviewing everything, except ethics. At this rate I hope to finish everything by the 22nd of April and spend the rest of the time reviewing and questions. So far has worked decent, I get a decent grasp of the material …but a loooooonnngggg way away

Finished Econ…will take up Der next Plan to complete everything except FRA and Equity by end of March, leave a month for FRA and Equity. The last month will be spent on revisions, mockups and revision.

Our group has been going since October. We have covered approximately 86% of the material. Only have Derivatives/Portfolio Management left, which will be completed in a little under 3 weeks. From there, it’s just review time.

I have read all of Schweser and taken notes on everything except for study session 18. I will finish with SS 18 by wednesday and then on thursday I will get the CFAI materials. I plan to read all of that and do the EOC questions. I will hopefully be able to finish with all of the CFAI textbooks by mid april. At that point I will start taking practice exams and re-reading schweser materials.

just finishing up SS10 (i’m going in order) Took this weekend off - it was definitely worth it.

Done with Econ FRA CF and PM…

Retaker. Done Corp Fin and Port Man so far, about 1/4 through Equity… Need to get going!

Finished all Schweser reading yesterday with an overall aggregate of 70.4% on the EOCs (obviously not a true reflection as I often look at some formulas if I forget them). Next step: 1. Shweser video instructions - should finish by mid march 2. read CFAI chapter summaries and do all CFAI EOCs - should finish by mid April 3. Mid April - end of May - Practice questions and Secret Sauce over and over!!! 4. 1st week in June - My employers won’t give me time off as it’s one of the busiest week of the year so no studying at all that week!

retaker (band 10) Started Nov 1st going straight through CFAI books and EOC questions. Wrapping up Corp Fin now and will start Equities very very soon. Should be done with all readings third week in April with five weeks for hardcore review. Probably in a few weeks I’ll start going back to previous readings to do some light review and memorization. Also doing homemade study sheets to help study… the act of actually making them is great studying alone. I will not fail this time.

Done with SS-01 - SS-04 in the CFAI books and Stalla lectures, passmaster, and books. Feeling pretty good about my prep strategy so far: I’ve been scanning through the CFAI books, highlighting crucial formulas and sections, then watching the Stalla lectures and taking notes on the presentations there. After the Stalla video I try to knock out the passmaster the same day or next day, and go through the Stalla workbook as a refresher if I did poorly (<80%) on the Passmaster. I definitely agree with you LincolnLogs on making your own study sheets - just taking the time to write down formulas or steps to solve problems in your notes or sheets really helps me memorize the material better.

FRA, Corporate Finance, Equities, Alternate and Econ all done. Working on Quant. Reading mostly CFAI but some Schweser. Did EOCs for all readings thus far. I’ve been at it since November. Failure is not an option.