what's the progress so far guys? which study session are you on?

What’s the study approach going for you all over weekday and weekends with limited hours of study during weekdays?? I am trying to track where am i standing in the crowd??

I’m currently practicing risk management.

My approach is readings, videos, Kaplan EOC questions on the weekends. Then CFAI questions and review on the weekdays. Currently have 160 hours logged and targeting to finish the material by the beginning of April then mocks and the 3-day class before D-day. I also try to go over formulas and flashcards when I can. Haven’t been doing great on review questions (more for reinforcement purpose) so far but I will care more about that in April.

Finished book 2…on fixed income now. Book 2 was brutal. Think I’m behind. 60 hours so far.

120, on fixed income, spent a whole freaking week on fi

Finishing up book 2, on track to have all the reading and eoc done by 9 weeks prior to the exam in order to start mocks and topic tests then.

i finished the following sessions but with no practice questions or EOC : 3,4 , 5,6 ,8 ,9,10,11

doing session 12 right now. im about 15 /32 readings (47%) done. i dont’ feel im doing too well. but im gonna try to finish 1 month early and do practices.

1 month ago started new work (we’v had a new baby beg of January) and i’m only able to study during the weekend…

Reading 25 Risk Management. Finish books 1-3. Halfway through book 4. Do the entire reading out of Kaplan. Do BB and Kaplan EOC questions after reading. Then do Kaplan biweekly Live Class, which does CFAI EOC questions during it. Take my own notes both on the reading and on the class. 3 or 4 Legal pads worth of notes so far. In the next week or two I will start going through all my notes and make flashcards on the important topics/formulas I starred.

There is a live class I guess I signed up for through Kaplan that goes over old exam questions. So next week I will start that, missed 1 or two classes already.

Fun, fun, fun. Hoping this is my last CFA test

So, no more fun after that? :slightly_smiling_face:

Different type for sure.

Read notes, finished PP/BB for all readings yesterday. A dozen Topic Tests down. Just want to get the MC stuff out of the way so I have enough time to test drive an array of erasable pens.

Finished two readings of Kaplan. Going through as many practice tests as I can find now.

Plan to polish wealth management for the morning constructed response. Saving GIPS/Ethics for May so they are fresh in my mind.

Just reviewed some of my old notes from 2014. So glad I don’t have to study this crap anymore.


[video:https://youtu.be/J5i2Dj5YO3Q align:center]

I finished reading all the material and started to do the questions on cfai webiste. Almost finished doing 2014 sample exam questions as well.

One of my coworkers spent 5-6 hours a day during weekdays. 5 hours at night. Another hour before work. Then lot of hours during weekends. He started in January. I know I dont have that much energy so I started early with 3+ hours each day and 15+ hours during weekends.

Just finished reading everything in Kaplan notes except for ethics and GIPS three times. Doing EOC and BB in the CFA book now, will finish all the topics test + QBank +EOC and BB by the end of March. After that, as many AM papers and Mocks as possible in the final two months. Hope I can do 8-10 in total.

Whatever happens after that, I will take it :slight_smile:

how does he do that, i could do that for L1 L2 and just so bored with L3, i can barely focus for 3 hours

Looking at some of you I feel really behind on studying.

I’m GIPs away from completing the main content then it’s time to crush Schweser in March with Ethics saved for later. I do 4-7 hours a few days a week and knock out say 15 during the weekend with occasional weekends piling up more. This will ramp up as we get closer. April and May will be mocks and memorization.

I’m on Risk Management right now. Completely rely on the CFAI materials so far. Making my own notes along reading. Did all the BBs and EOCs. Wanted to finish by 3/15, but a little bit behind the schedule.Really hope I can finish up by the end of this month. Will spend the rest of time for revision, problems from the CFA website and tons of practice exams.

These CFAI EOCs are time consuming. I was solving them few times. AM papers are less time consuming. Schweser EOCs are like for L1.

Portal vignettes are, IMO a quite easier than for L2. Maybe due to lack of FRA. I miss it.