What's there to do in Austin TX?

I’m going for a conference next week Tuesday through Friday. I definitely slept on booking a hotel and literally all the fun/fancy-shmancy hotels are overbooked - so, I’m staying at a LaQuinta, which means, I am looking for dope ass recommendations on things to go do.

Is there dispensary in Austin? Or do I need to bring my own??

Get good bbq, Tex mex, hang out on 6th street and listen to live music.

DFA conference?

Def going to get Tex Mex. probably try and find a new hispanic gf too.

Do I look like I’d join a cult?

Ay mijo!!! Que bueno!!! :+1: :kiss:

yumm latinas. check this out money mike hoes:


i like the blue pants and the white chick.

Ay mijo!!! :-1: :confused: :broken_heart:

I guess it depends on your scene. IIRC, you’re in your young 20’s. Most people that age like to get falling-down drunk at a bar, drinking fizzy yellow beer and listening to covers of “Come as you are”. If that’s your thing, go to Sixth Street.

Actually, even if it’s not your thing, go to Sixth Street anyway. Cross it off the bucket list. (I tried it once I didn’t like it. Didn’t inhale.)

Also, if it’s in season, go see the bats fly out of the cave. You’ll have to be on the bridge on Congress Ave at sunset.

Speaking of Congress, you can also tour the Texas Capitol, if that’s your thing. It’s the biggest Capitol building in the US, aside from the federal Capitol.

Franklin Barbecue is supposed to be the best in Texas, which makes it the best in the US, which makes it the best in the world. Sorry Sweep, but it’s true. (It opened after I moved away, so I’ve never been there.)

Or you can make the 45 minute drive to Lockhart and eat at the three BBQ restaurants there (Blacks, Kreuz Market, and Smitty’s). If you do that, I highly recommend building up an appetite. And take your own BBQ sauce, because some of those places don’t have any. They refuse to have it in the restaurant.

No, and no. Unless you want to get arrested. Weed isn’t legal in Texas. Not even medicinal mary jane.

edit - that said, I’ve heard that there’s lots of people smoking it down on 6th street. As long as you’re not doing anything stupid, it might be okay. But it is still a Class B misdemeanor.

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Franklin bbq waitline is too long.

Get all your sightseeing in Tuesday night. Wednesday and Thursday are reserved for excessive drinking. I’ll open a tab around 11:30am both days.

My body is ready

Thanks Greenman, I appreciate this - I’m definitely going to hit up 6th street.

Why you pretend you’re going to do drugs brah? Just going to stay in the hotel and watch X Files re runs. Oh, Scully, you are so skeptical and sexually repressed. That hair though.

Drop your Tinder pin in Austin and start swiping

I have a strong strong no tinder policy. I’d much rather just go shoot my shot in person.

never really hard.