What's your personal investment strategy?

So, how do you invest your own money?

I’m almost 100% buy-and-hold, market weight investor. I buy 4 different ETFs at steady intervals. Right now, I invest only in equities, real-estate is coming in 2-5 years and bonds a little later. Sometimes, like right now, I’m trying to time the market, and have set aside quite a bit of cash for the eventual crash. But i general I believe that looking to beat the market will end up biting you in the arsch.

Buy and hold as well. this is roughly what it looks like.

30% s&p.

25% Individual stocks. ira/roth/reg.

20% net real estate equity

15% loans to fam.

10% ETF.

5% cash. this is prolly 6 mos to a year of minimal spending.

-5% in borrowed money.

liqudiity that i can bring for a downpayment is roughly 35% of my net worth. i plan to add to it at a rate of 5%/year.

Super basic trend following with some index funds. Don’t have time to actively trade with work…but of course have enough time for AF

My entire portfolio is in double-levered (long) ETFs.

I’ve been adding pretty equally to momentum/value strategies in emerging markets and double leverage domestic etfs

You with the 2X leveraged ETFs; how do you make sure that the volatility doesn’t destroy your principal?

By looking at the typical characteristics of equity markets and judging the performance under a range of those characteristics. Don’t get jealous because I’m 2x levered to the MAGA rally

Not jealous. I want to get on that bandwagon!

I believe we are in a secular bull, but I think we are about to see a cyclical bear! But I’m really just a short run chicken which is prolly worse than a perma pig. But I really need to get into a diet, to be more stable!

he cray cray

don’t worry, i’m way too much of a puss to put leverage in my portfolio

It is structurally different than margin debt in terms of margin calls and stuff, so don’t let the general fear of debt stop you. But if you can’t handle bitcoin like swings in your equities, it is not for you. Dollar cost averaging hides this earlier on, but when you are at Ohai status the pain will be quite acute. But even good ol’ Buffet wouldn’t have the returns he got without leverage. And I’m sure all the companies you actually own have leverage. In general, people are risk averse - but leverage can actually reduce the risk of path dependency on your retirement savings, if you don’t freak out and sell when it is down a lot (the leverage index got hammered recently)

just lever when stocks are down in a big way. any other time, just stay your regular allocation.

For the record, I was joking and find the leveraged ETF strategy to be irresponsible. I would strongly advise not doing it.

yea its totally bad. these people are playing with fire

Yep, the SEC, FINRA, and every major broker-dealer agrees with you.

Don’t be a sheep. Do your own due diligence. Don’t rely on the disclaimers from lawyers to determine how you invest

I swear I’ve heard you say that somewhere before.

Ive been mostly focused on getting rid of all debt and investing in target funds (401K, IRA). I brought my debt to $0 then bought an investment property so my breakdown looks like

Real Estate ~ 15%

Taxable Trade account ~ 4%

Crypto ~ 1%

Cash ~ 20%

FOF Equities ~ 50%

FOF Fixed Income ~ 5%

ETF ~ 5%

Going forward I’m going to up contribution to retirement and trade accounts and take advantage of the higher interest rates with CD’s or more fixed income

^How old are you? That’s too much fixed income and cash for my grandma. And looking at CDs? What is this, 1982?