What's your vote on ....

… going for L2 in June-08, given you pass the L1 tomorrow and also given just 4 months of study time left?? A. Yea baby!! I’m gonna dive into the LII books the moment I hear the good news. B. Already committed too many sins (F.Y 2008), not going for a yet another life-destroyer. I’m out of it boys!! C. Still contemplating on taking the L2. D. Let’s hear what people from LII have to say and I’ll jump onto the bandwagon. - Dinesh S I bubble ‘C’


A- no point in postponing the inevitable.

A. Might as well give it a shot.

C and D are just wasting time…gotta go with A, but B is understandable

Definitely A - and I bet you will want to switch from C to A as soon as you know you passed.

what about choice “E” - Get insanely drunk and go on vacation for the rest of the week while continuing to drink profusely. I choose choice “E”. Then after that it will be A.

Why do none of these options involve throwing your books into the sacrificial flame to appease the CFA gods? That would be the only way to say “thank you” and assure ultimate success on Level II…

A Even with a baby coming in March and the imminent loss of sleep and commitment that will take, I can’t pass up tp opportunity to a. possible pass and have knocked out 2 levels in 1 year, and b. get the experience of taking LII to help in 09.


A for sure!

Im going with B (for now)… planning to sit L2 (if i pass L1) in 2009…

How About : E - None of the above because CFAI wont let me! … Gradding in April, cant register till thats occurs - deadline to register for L2 = march 17th. WHY???

A) probably, with a strong probability of failing due to relocation across the world this coming spring. I see it as an expensive practice test.

C for me…2 months of hiatus spoilt me. Can’t find the motivation to wish away another 4 months of my life.

+1 for A. it’ll be one expensive practice exam.

I’m certainly taking it but realize it could be an expensive practice. Honestly this is my 2nd try on L1 so it will be real stretch to pass L2 (for me) in June. If I’m not happy with my result in a few hours, I could be out if this for good. We’ll see…

for A too…

A here…

Dinesh…so what’s the call now bro? Switching from C to A?