When are you going to start studying?

I am personally going to start Saturday 30th of September which will give me 7 months to go thorough the whole curriculum by the levelup boot camp I’ve enrolled for in early April. Which will leave me 2 and a half months of review for the big dance.

Probably sometime in mid-December. Let me know how you like Marc’s L3 lecture videos.

Passed this year. Started in September.

I was just wondering the same thing… when to order the books? I’m sitting here enjoying doing nothing after work and having my weekends (bless) but am kind of getting itchy knowing what’s coming next year…

I originally thought that I was going to wait until thanksgiving time before starting, but knowing the test is 3 weeks back… maybe not a bad look to do December

Retaker, passed this year.

First time, start late October/Early November

Retaker, start in January

Bear in mind the exam next year will be on June 23. You have more time

Start now.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will come to the stage where you feel comfortable. Many who will start too late will crying and grinding their teeth at spring.

I was so burnt out after level 2. I started the first Monday in January - passed easily. My job has nothing to do with portfolio management, but it wasn’t an issue. Used Schweser.

Failed Band 9 this year and I’ve started this week, although it’s been very light. Was really pissed when I got the fail email so I had to get back in it.

^ Ya’ll pass next time, just stay focused and finish off this thing.

Personally, I don’t think there is any reason to start until 2018. First week in January will give you plenty of time to get through the curriculum, read it again, and then have 2 months of practice exams.

^ What about those who have a plenty of time during summer but not in January?

I have a slow and steady pace so I’ll be starting in October like with Level 2. Ran out of time for everything I wanted for Level 2 so I’m prepping for Level 3 as if it’s at the start of June so I’ll have those extra few weeks to target my holes (which should be minimal since I’m planning to be exam ready by end of May)

Rather put an extra 100 hours in now than have to retake and spend hundreds of more hours again next time.

I started with book 2 in October and went through it very diligently (2x) - (1st book - Ethics left for last weeks). It’s crucial to start early and read the curriculum. Early start = more confidence especially for AM part. Bear in mind that you need to beat approximately 50% of level III candidates and postponing the start will probably lower your odds (on average).

I started a week and a half ago, and just started the second book. One more level to go. I’m in it to win it! There is no backing down now.

Already started but struggling. Finished last year’s Secret sauce and started to read Curriculum. In the middle of ethics. In parallel watching last year’s videos.

As I am first-timer - not yet dared to attempt any AM sort of questions or even Qbank I already purchased.

Distracted by all these putins, trumps and terrorists. If there were god and hell, these all would go directly where they should.

Damn you’re starting early!

I started reading the curriculum already, slowly and casually during my commute. I plan to finish until year-end, from January I intend to start more intensely with Schweser. May/June for mocks/prior year exams.

Start earlier since you have to practice AM sessions beside usual PM form Mocks and TTs. Latest in early April.

Starting a curriculum read through with Mark Meldrum videos Sept 1. Slow and steady wins the race.

Come Jan I will have covered hopefully all the books and then swtich to Schweser with IFT. Want 2 months for practice exams this time around.

This is my ideal plan. Whether I stick to it or not lol…

For what it is worth, I started in early / mid-December and passed. When did you start studying for levels I & II? I find starting later, but devoting more time per study session, helped me more than starting early. I never really experienced the burnout.