When are you going to start studying?

Started last week. Failed 2x already making me probably one of the OG veterans in the L3 community.

For levels II and III, I had started pretty much immediately upon getting the materials. I’m amazed at people that say starting in January was sufficient for them. Despite how early I started, I still felt pressured and not 100% comfortable 2 months out though I did pass both II and III on 1st attempt. I think I would have felt too much under the gun if I started in January. Guess it just takes some a bit more time than others to absorb the material.

Consider early studying and (light) readings as a warming-up for hard practicing at the later stage. There is no such thing as a starting too early.

VWJETTY knows what he’s talking about. Listen him.:slight_smile:

I passed L3 on my first attempt and I had started reading and taking my own notes in mid September, I was done with my first go through the curriculum and my note taking right before the new year holidays. Took a break until mid January, then combined my notes and schweser for more intensive studying and concept drilling until late March. April and May was all CFAI past AMs, CFAI topic tests, and Schweser mocks (not a great fan of the latter in the morning/essay testing department, but still helps to reinforce some concepts). This timeline worked for me and I didn’t feel overly burdend throughout the whole process, it is all about pacing.

  • Eat regularly.
  • Sleep well.
  • Make a love often.

Thus, NO burn-out.

It’s a weird thing what human can bear when is forced to do so.

Each situation is different, I suppose in that case it would make sense to start earlier if you are going to be out of the game for 1-2 months in early winter.

My opinion is that 5-6 months of “full time” studying is more than enough time to pass any level of the CFA program. Outside of this forum, I’ve never actually met anyone who studied longer than six months (that includes numerous colleagues and peers in many different areas of the industry.) It obviously varies from person to person, but the reason I usually tell new candidates and friends/colleagues that 5-6 months is enough is that the average person (in my opinion) will do better with a focused study plan as opposed to a longer grind through holidays/etc.

It’s also worth noting that it’s likely much easier for us married guys to sacrifice our social lives. If you asked me to give up 5 months of weekends when I was 24 and single, I would have looked at you like you had two heads. Now thta I’m married, I almost enjoyed the excuse to skip the lame dinners/parties to study- lol.

It’s smart thing to ensure spare time for some unexpected events which may happen and according to Murphy, it will happen. Illness in family, the death of family member (mother in law, etc), unexepected events at work place…

Agree, same with me. It’s much easier for me to concentrate and dedicate my free time to studying in 40s than it was the case in my 20s. My spouse’s support also matters.

I started reading middle/late October last year. Taking my own handwritten notes along the way. I enjoyed not really feeling rushed and could read at my own pace for the first couple months. Probably put in maybe 5-10 hours a week until January. After that it was serious and upped it to 2-3 hours a day, and 7-8 Saturday and 7-8 Sunday until week before test day.

I think I’m going to start September 1.

January… anytime earlier is unnecessarily draining my social life.

I started late January after the marathon and races season. Everyone is different, I needed a refreshing break after level II and couldn’t start earlier. I also travelled three times while studying and the break did help alot. Don’t stress on when to start and just focus on the startegy that fits you. Everyone is different.

Started in mid December for level 3. Just the thought of starting in September would have been demoralising!



46% in 2017 tend to agree…

Plan to start September 18th. Two hours a day every day (hopefully). If you have a full time job I don’t see how you can possibly start in January and expect to do well!

Started in April. full time job.

Can be done.

Never mattered when you start. Only matters what you can remember in the exam which is largely dependent on last 2 weeks’s work imo.

I don’t think so. You’re an outlier.

started up last week actually. 2 readings a week in cfai (easier said than done) means you’ll finish by december/early January from this current time-frame.

Unless you’re a hermit who is allergic to people-to-people contact (including with family), you will find you will have several unavoidable family/social commitments throughout the year taking up large chunks of time. Furthermore, expect a lot of these engagements to be on public holidays (esp if you’re married with small kids!) Hence, taking these factors into account, there is really no substitute for starting early. Exam this year was start of June and I started beginning of August. (I passed)