When are you going to start studying?

I started both L1 and L2 around mid-Feb but gotta say I felt extremely behind couple of weeks before the exam. Did really well in L1 but L2 was okay (1 below 50, couple between 50-70 and half above 70).

I do not wish to go through this pressure again so will probably try to start in mid-Nov this year for L3. Using Schweser.

That’s the point. Expect unpredictable events. Although, I’m a hermit but couldn’t avoid those.

Just out of curiosity, how long did you study for L1 and L2, and how pressured/relaxed did you find yourself starting in mid-Dec for L3?

Start early (Start of October) and use CFAI books, go through twice, and do as much old exams as possible - this is the key: OLD EXAMS.

hi ,

Started 15 days back. Done with three readings. I wish I can complete by Jan 1st ,Reading the entire cfai books.


Fist time, native language spanish.

I timed every task for level II and prepared a worksheet I used to plan for L III prep. My plan has 3 stages: 1st stage 340 hours to read the curriculum, watch IFT videos and solve all curriculum problems; 2nd 250 hrs review stage; 3rd final review including Mocks: 64 hours. Total: 654 hours in 248 days (I assumed intensity increases as exam day approaches). June 23rd - 248 studying days = September 11th (I realistically planned weekends for my family, vacation time, etc).

Hope is useful :slight_smile:

I never count the hours because there can never be enough time spent on studying. It’s like if i get 600 ill just stop and be good to go.

Started at the beginning of August.

Just about to start volume 3 in the next few days. Been taking notes on the CFA curriculum and doing the EOC/blue box questions. Gotta say, this stuff is so FUCKING DRY. Like, honestly, it’s brutal. The lack of quantitiave stuff is making some of this stuff drag on.

After doing L2 in 4 months, I feel like starting in November with the additional couple weeks added in with the test being 3rd week of June should be enough. Hard to say though…

Passed this year - started in late feb

I am sure by level 3 each individual will have an indication of what works for them!. I am all for starting early to take care of “life events happening” .The focus will rather be pointing to tricky and more difficult concepts that take a bit more time than usual as a guide from the experience of those that have walked the road.