When is Jeb going to give up?

Polling #5 at 4.3% he’s pulling out all the desperate stops…

including having his 90 yr-old mother come on TV to bash Trump.

and now he’s bringing his brother to help his campaign… George W. Bush whom he tried so desperately to distance himself with at the start of the campaign…

this must be what it’s like watching the Hindenburg crashing

What’s the angle? The family is done. Put a fork in it. Clintons too I can only hope.

They basically run until their campaign fund is depleted. This might go on for a while, since he has quite a bit of money already,

Jeb has a lot of money and is likely hoping the rest of the “establishment” candidates run out of money and have to drop out. If he’s the last such candidate standing, his poll numbers will grow and Trump and Cruz will have to take him seriously the rest of he way. He’s likely to do pretty well in FL and TX, both high delegate states, so the race could look a lot different in a month. If Kasich is still around come Michigan and Ohio though, the race will remain really messy.

I mean, it’s working sorta. He’s one of the final six, and kasich has no chance. and Marco Roboto may have screwed himself over in the last debate. If jeb can pull a 3rd place in SC after trump and cruz, he might somehow end up being the establishment lane candidate after all

You all make a plausible argument. I Just find the possibility annoying.

You want Jeb! to drop out of the race before Super Tuesday and only after Iowa and NH?

Jeb is a southerner. It seems unlikely he would drop out before Super Tuesday, when most of the South, including Flordia and his brother’s state, Texas, votes.

Gotta love Jeb’s attitude: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLzxrzFCyOs

Am I the only one to think that Jeb! is the only sane republican candidate ?

Jeb! is not TV material, while this seems to be THE deciding factor in this mad race.

W. and Jeb are coming to my city tomorrow on prez day … should be interesting

Ha look at that, Bush is suspending his campaign after another awful finish in South Carolina. Only took 8 days

Looks like we’ve cleaned out all worries about having sane candidates now…

My prediction of Rubio as the nominee looks to be on track.

Although I do wonder, why should Bush quit while Kasich is still in? He has more money and is playing for the same voters.

I forgot about the little turtles thing.

The world is doomed

To use a poker term, he went all in in SC. Not only did he spend a $hitload of money there blasting Rubio, more importantly he used all the political capital he had left by bringing out GWB who had a 88% approval rating among Republicans in that state. Every Bush has conquered SC. It’s the type of state he had to do well in in order to have any hope left of winning and convincing his donors to keep contributing.

The Rubio result must have also demoralized him (he got 3 times more support) and it’s clear at this point that Rubio is miles ahead in the establishment lane.

They probably also realized that Bush’s votes were coming from Rubio and not Trump or Cruz, and the party would rather nominate Rubio than those other two.

The pundits and wishful thinkers on twitter love to push this notion that trump loses in a three man race of (rubio/cruz/trump). Totally naive. they are under the pretense that rubio will literally get 100% of Jeb/Kasich vote. It’s not true. There hasnt been a single poll that shows trump doesnt win a three man race. Establishment’s only sliver of hope is getting it down to either rubio vs trump or cruz vs trump in a head to head. otherwise this thing is over. Trump is your nominee

I really thought Bush would stick it out at least until Super Tuesday. Didn’t realize how much he spent in SC though and I guess Rubio getting the Nikki Haley endorsement was too much for Jeb’s backers. Although I like Rubio’s positions on a lot of things, I think he is currently underqualified to POTUS.

Marco Roboto is a slimy poltician. He talks a smooth game, but that’s about it. He’s an empty suit.

^Also, Cruz has even less political experience than O when he was elected.