When will you start to study?

I’ve heard multiple answers for this.

I was thinking early/mid-Novermber. I work full time and think Ill be able to get thu the material with time to review study sessions i didnt feel to well about. Might toss in a 3-day review with kaplan. Then lots of practice questions and mock.

What you think the best timeline would be to attack this level?


I started the 2nd day after I finished the June exam.

Now finished with equity, FRA, fix income (note: still need practice)

And currently doing economics.

Already been preparing for 2 months now. But getting more serious now.

Around Nov

All depends on how much time you devote.

I studied 4 months for level II and used CFAI and EOCS only.

I think december is more than enough time, otherwise the material becomes foreign when may/june rolls around.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll be hoping to cover at least 3-4 books by Christmas and the balance by April with 2 months of review/mocks/EOC.

I’ve always started somewhere between March - April. But then again, I always take 3 weeks of holidays in May and live like a hermit to cram it all in.

Starting now is simply crazy.

Probably October. Assuming there will be 5 schweser books, I’ll probably study a book a month (with a day spent to refresh on already covered topics once a week or every two weeks). That leaves about 3 months for review.

i got my schweser books the first week of October last year for level 1 so I’ll probably start studying then.

I plan to begin in the middle of November, I felt so much pressure after I saw so many ppl plan to begin so early…

My mother language is not english

I have planned the first round of studies from August 2014 to January 2015…

Woah, slow down horsey.

I’ll be doing a Eurotrip from 23 Aug to 5 Sep. Will probably start early October at the latest.

You already knew you were going to pass? And you already have 2 months of preparation under your belt? Who are you?

No offense, but you are either a Chinese or a troll.

Probably around October or november…wanna leave mysefl at least 2 months for review and mocks.

If I decide to go for it, serious studying will start first days of 2015. I like round dates to start things. It gives me some additional motivation to think about the kick off day and then start. I think 5 months should be enough. Maybe will book last week or 2 before the exam a holiday from work.

I started last week after getting level 1 results. Not by choice, I have to manage stidying around a busy work schedule in calendar q1. Otherwise would be starting mid to late november

Probably next week …

Looks like L2 FRA differs a lot from L1 FRA or am I missing something?

As soon as my books arrive; i.e., tomorrow… I do NOT want to take this level again…

i will start tomorrow, better reading carefully all those stuff soon :frowning: cfa level 2 is much tougher

Books arriving today…

Sooner the better…start nailing concepts

October, 1.

English is not my native language, so I need some additional time.

I think language factor should not be too big a problem until you get to L3.

How many test centers do you guys have in Moscow?