When would you move?

If you are currently employed and your significant other is also employed and making a good living what would cause you to move from your current city to another?

a big bag of money or a really great opportunity for one of us. Anything particularly compelling really. Live in NYC but if I got an offer to work in Dublin or some place cool and the money was right I would be interested. Same goes for her, if she got an amazing offer somewhere and I could reasonably find work I would be down to move.

I love moving. So basically anytime a good opportunity came along to live in a cool new place.

Huh? Seems like it depends on the specific situation. A lot of things can motivate you to move - better job, same job but better place to live, hipster population becomes uncontrollable, etc. Personally, I would consider moving for anything above 50% of my current pay. But the finance jobs are in NY so…

My wife and I recently sold our house and a rental house and bought a long term solution type home that will be where we stay at least until the kids are out of high school. We’re 5 minutes from my parents and near many of our friends. In order for us to move right now, we would need to be taking our income from the mid 100’s to the mid 200’s, but would also need a reasonable guarantee that the opportunity would be a multiple year opportunity. Short of that, I don’t see a scenario where I’d make my kids “start over” again or where I’d move further from my parents as they enter the stage of their life where they will need more help. An extra $100K a year is probably the minimum that would allow us to fully pay for our kids college expenses, wipe out any personal debt and see to it that we’re able to retire in our 50’s instead of our 60’s.

Really only two things would upset me enough to make me move:

  1. Overt intolerance to other cultures

  2. Too many immigrants


My mistress deciding to move to my town.

If someone offered me 50.0% premium on my house and I got a better job somewhere else.


you would rather live in Dublin than NYC?

You could have chosen any city in the world as an example of cool, and you chose Dublin?

I think I would move to Sydney. That place seems fun and they have really weird birds. I’m not sure if I can survive without online shopping at this point though…

I think i’ll move to vegas when i have my mid life crisis.

Went to Dublin, enjoyed my time there. Would move if I or my gf had an interesting offer there or in most of Europe sans London (only because London is too similar to NYC for my tastes)

NYC is great, but why not live elsewhere? I prefer urban living to suburban or rural so that basically my preferences. Wouldnt really care to take a gig in the middle of nowhere though. Would be cool to live in plenty of places before I die.

Dublin blows.

The Catholic Church frowns on oral sex.

Unless your pastor tells you about a fun new game everyone has been playing

I’d (permanently) move only for two reasons:

  1. I am struggling financially and not able to save for retirement even with the simplest lifestyle

  2. Quality of schools available is not acceptable (real possibility in NYC)

Otherwise NYC is home

Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out if he was being ironic there.

I was wondering how long it would take someone to take the bait.