When would you move?

Gotta pick that low hanging fruit guys

By “low hanging fruit”, I hope you don’t mean testicles. Sometimes the layers of intellect here overwhelm my capacity for interpretation.


sydney blows, the lockout laws have killed nightlife, city is too racially segregated and way too many bogans. melbourne is where it’s at, best brothels in the world and #1 six years in a row apparently.

dublin sounds awesome, only problem is irish chicks, they are like american dudes, loud, obnoxious and tolerable only in small doses.

i want to bounce again in a couple of years, not sure of the place yet, whats the hype with NYC? the social aspect seems in line with large cities and nothing extraordinary, the subway system is shit and real estate is ridiculous. i mean if you are feeding of the energy and hustle it makes more sense to go all in and move to a city like Shanghai, Mumbai or Tokyo.

NYC has a pretty good subway system - the real estate market is popping and I’ve been to Shanghai but not Mumbai or Tokyo but could tell you the chicks are way hotter in NYC than Asia — even the Asian chicks are hotter in NYC than the chicks from Asia.

Once you get away from the touristy crap, NYC is really just on another level when it comes to the social aspect. I’ve now lived in London and Tokyo for extended periods of time and really like both cities, but NYC just blows them out of the water in my opinion (not sure about Shanghai or Mumbai, but I really doubt they come close).

I will agree that NYC’s subway is an embarrassment.

Awesome new job and/or in a city with better weather that still has some respectable amenities and in which I am close to family/friends. For me that really only means a few places: NYC, London, Miami area, California (SF or LA) and possibly Denver. Tokyo or Hong Kong would be great, but not really places I could live long-term at this point in my life (i.e. parents getting older).

NYC and London I would say also have a time limit in my mind unless I get a job or start a fund making $$$. I give it 2-4 more years for these kind of places then off to somewhere warmer, cheaper and that has more outdoor things to do.

What…are…you…smoking?? frown

gtfo and wtf is ‘asia’? asia is a yuuuge place, you telling me russians in nyc are hotter than russians from kazan? hah!!!

please elaborate, what puts it on another level compared to say london in your opinion?

I’m not sure I agree with ACE on the Asian women in NYC but it looks like he has a fetish along with Blackbelt

As for me, I have no aversion to moving for a job, that’s how I wound up in Houston to begin with. The thing is there are very few places in the US that I’d want to live more than where I am now. I’d consider a move to NYC/Boston for enough money, I’d consider moving to Colorado just in general.

Yeah man. Even the hottest Asian women just don’t move the needle for me.

Asian women in the US, compared to in Asia, are just like most US people compared to people in Asia. In terms of physicality, the US people are taller, stronger, and have more muscle percentage. They have received better nutrition overall and are more likely to have participated in sports at a higher level. Consider that the US dominates most Olympics, despite not having a real national program in most sports (Olympics Committee is an NGO, as are the organizations for each sport).

In terms of mentality, US people have generally undergone a more diverse (if not as difficult) education system. They are more articulate and have more developed people skills. They are better at debating and public speaking. They have generally experienced more things, since they are overall from a more affluent society. They are more likely to have diverse ideologies and more nuanced political views, since the US system encourages discussion, as opposed to Asian countries, where the government tries to indoctrinate everyone. Note: this is not an endorsement of the US pre college education system. I’m just saying that the US system promotes holistic development, as opposed to say, just be the best at math as possible.

This is from my experience as an immigrant from an Asian country. I should also clarify that my observations are generally on a specific demographic: college educated, urban people with professional backgrounds.

But back to the question of “hotness”. I would say that it is easier for the same male to get a “hotter” girl in Asia - not because girls in Asia are more attractive overall (they are different, as I discussed above), but because male competition in the US is stronger. Asians in the US rank near the bottom in terms of physical attributes, and sometimes in terms of personality as well (the stereotype is that Asians are quiet and studious). Asian males can only reliability “score” with non Asians in places with extreme supply/demand mismatch (i.e. NY, but not anywhere else). If you have ever lived in an Asian country, you would know that any white guy who visits is immediately swarmed by women.

Standards of beauty, in terms of makeup and clothing, are also obviously different. So it depends on what you like. If you’re into the Miss Korea look, that’s fine, although not really for me.


Growing up I had a thing for the girl in Karate Kid II.

that ohai ‘analysis’ has got to be the parody, yes? no wonder purealpha is always flipping his lid lol.


you dominate olympics because you are the largest nation barring India which only cares about cricket and China which is just starting to push forward sports as a viable industry and blew your ass away in 2008 despite having 1/3’rd your resources. the comparison is further flawed because the amount of fucks given by the rest of us for the crappy sports you guys play is less than zero.

also is ‘asian’ a euphemism for east asian or something here? i dunno if anyone would describe the personalities of persians or arabs as ‘shy’. plus the avg american is hopelessly out of shape compared to the avg korean.

if by ‘debating’ you mean screaming till you are hoarse then yes you are correct.

In all seriousness your post is not only distasteful but reeks of American toxicity with anecdotes thrown in that have grains of truth but are worthless without deeper analysis. In short - well trolled.

The self-absorption of White Americans is well documented but the phenomenon you mentioned characteristic of places like Patpong, Soi Cowboy or Nana are purely economic. Ironically the more poverty and laissez-faire attitudes push low income women towards sex tourism the more the middle class of that particular society become closed off towards outsiders. In short your average farang can score easy with women in Thailand who need money to put food on the table, good luck trying that with Thai women who have their shit together unless you’re in it for the long haul.

If Koreans started getting fed up with their women and going to bumfuck Arkansas or Kansas or wherever and started playing old-school provider game you’d see the same phenomenon.

Wow you really drank the koolaid! laugh

I like how this thread has evolved.

Welcome back luffy. I am happy that you took some time from being a virgin to post here again.

So, ignoring the name calling that does not seem to have any argumentative contribution, and assuming that Olympics achievement is an indicator of population athleticism, it’s pretty easy to show that the US (and possibly Western countries) have more athletic populations than developing countries. Let us define our population of “large countries” as any country with over 100 million people.

This narrows the scenario to these 12 most populous countries. Of these, the US has the highest Olympic achievement, followed by China. But China has 4x the population of the US, and very regimented Olympics programs (the Chinese government trains athletes from a young age, whereas the US people arise though competitive participation). The remaining countries fall far behind in terms of athletic achievement.

It’s also worth noting that US athletes are more comparable to the general population of the country. For every Olympics athlete, there are hundreds or thousands of people in the same sport who were serious participants in college, high school or other levels.

So to the question “are US people more athletic than Asian people”, actual sports achievement seems to say Yes. Is the US girl you date probably more athletic than the same percentile Asian girl? The answer is probably still yes. The discussion can easily be extended to less populous Asian countries.

Some people seem to have mistaken my comment as an endorsement of US society. I am just stating my observation that a richer, more developed population has access to better enrichment opportunities for its citizens. If there is no chance of increasing living standard opportunities for citizens, then China or other countries should just stop growing their economies now (the end goal, after all, is to converge upon the standards of developed nations).

Rank Country or area UN continental region[1]UN statistical region[1] Population (1 July 2016)[2] Population (1 July 2015)[2] Change — World — — 7,432,663,275 7,349,472,099 7000113193403389230♠+1.1% 1 ChinaAsiaEastern Asia 1,382,323,332 1,376,048,943 6999455971354210760♠+0.5% 2 IndiaAsiaSouthern Asia 1,326,801,576 1,311,050,527 7000120140670978120♠+1.2% 3 United StatesAmericasNorthern America 324,118,787 321,773,631 6999728821685205140♠+0.7% 4 IndonesiaAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia 260,581,100 257,563,815 7000117147084500200♠+1.2% 5 BrazilAmericasSouth America 209,567,920 207,847,528 6999827718287801820♠+0.8% 6 PakistanAsiaSouthern Asia 192,826,502 188,924,874 7000206517432955920♠+2.1% 7 NigeriaAfricaWestern Africa 186,987,563 182,201,962 7000262653648043590♠+2.6% 8 BangladeshAsiaSouthern Asia 162,910,864 160,995,642 7000118961108276460♠+1.2% 9 RussiaEuropeEastern Europe 143,439,832 143,456,918 5000000000000000000♠0.0% 10 MexicoAmericasCentral America 128,632,004 127,017,224 7000127130789758090♠+1.3% 11 JapanAsiaEastern Asia 126,323,715 126,573,481 3000802671145624890♠−0.2% 12 PhilippinesAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia 102,250,133 100,699,395 7000153996754399570♠+1.5%

Luffy’s post had too much greatness for me to even know what to quote.

Not sure how we got on this tangent, but it is true that “Asian” is a meaningless term; Koreans and Filipinos couldn’t be more opposite. But I guess since America is geographically isolated they don’t know about the world, and all that.

I’m not sure what to say about this whole “Americans are more athletic than Asians” logic. But 33% of Americans are obese, 3% of Koreans, so randomly selecting, probably the American chick is more athletic??? Even if she can’t walk? Is not being able to walk being athletic? laugh

Post of the year candidate. If there are no other nominations, we can go ahead and declare Ohai the winner…