When would you move?

Virgin lol…easy dude, I cant handle so much burn!

Using a proxy variable like % of population that are involved in amateur sports in an attempt to support your hypothesis that American people are more athletic than ‘Asian’ people (I am still waiting as to what this definition is) breaks down at every level and sounds suspiciously close to mental gymnastics when we have a direct metric like BMI to measure the ‘fitness’ and by extension ‘Athleticism’ of the general population of a country. Americans fare horribly and are quite frankly a joke compared to the Koreans (Assuming Koreans meet your arbitrary definition of ‘Asian’?)

Second, Yes, China has 4X the pop of USA. However, this is a minute factor compared to resources, the Americans have more than a century of sporting infrastructure, expertise and funds behind them where as the Chinese have just reached the point where they have enough disposable income to spend on such sectors. Yet, they’ve gone toe to toe in the last two Olympics and effectively displaced the Russians. This has nothing to do with the crux of the argument but it is worth pointing out.

Lastly, if your conclusion is ‘richer more developed countries have more opportunities for their citizens’ then I don’t think you’ll find anyone who disagrees with you. Unfortunately, while reaching this conclusion you seem to have thrown in a lot of rubbish and gone on different tangents which were borderline offensive, did not hold up to rigorous questioning and you seem to have gotten touchy when called out on. Anyway, this topic has gone on a boring tangent compared to the more interesting original question so feel free to argue with yourself.