Where are the regulars?

Where is maratikus, thepinkman, black swan, etc???

was just wondering the same thing.

maratikus and swanny passed. pinkman has the willpower to check after work- he’s holding out. master of his domain!


Are you guys shooting emails around? I didn’t see them post.

McLeod81?. I guess he had ‘sighted the link’ ?

mwvt9 - you are in the mail chain buddy!

I haven’t gotten anything Dinesh

oops… lemee check… there were around 30+ mails floating since morning…

what’s your offline email (at risk of you getting spammed)? or maybe dinesh can just cc you on the cool kids thread… we have a good crew. i am seriously going to miss studying with you all next year.

mwvt99 at gmail dot com

yeps adding mwvt9 too the chaining loop

Note the TWO nines in the address. Dinesh I am still in disbelief man. So sorry to hear how close it was.

Feeling so bad … made friends for life and now we study at different levels! Actually the result came out to be close to what was expected. I upped from Band-8 to Band-10… That is still no motivation for me to retake this HOLY L2? See ya guys around!

hey this time i feel i ll be a regular at AF contribute more… last time i just cudnt be regular here due to constraints… i kno u guys r thinkin i was plain lazy last time… hi dinesh i m nishant just posted on… ur facebook din find u earlier… neways is this mail chain a thin for thread for retakers or nethin than post me on too nishantpandey gmail its not over yet coz i have not given up yet

I too am shocked dinesh failed. He seemed like a sure thing.

wait… you faked your band? AWESOME.

Nopes… I was expecting Band-8 … have got Band-10 on my result… what should I say?

Danteshek I didn’t see you on the boards as much as level I, but I was looking for your score and was glad to see you passed.

oh, well awesome anyways! go sign up again and we’ll start dorking out around thanksgiving again.