Where are you in the Level II curriculum at this point.

Hi all, Assuming you are going in order from start to finish, how much of the Level II Curriculum have you covered with roughly 10 weeks till exam day? Thanks!

11 weeks * I’m not going in order - I would say about 40% (the low rate is mainly because I didn’t do equity yet) … As I said in another thread, taking (typing) notes is taking me forever and I would just give it up (i.e. preparing the notes) if I feel the exam day is close and I’m still behind :slight_smile:

Starting Fixed Income. So FI, Derivatives and Portfolio mgmt is left. I want to speed up because I know my retention isn’t that great. Need to revise really well.

I do my very best to start revise as soon as possible - I’ve already read everything except Corporate finance and ethics. This week I’m finishing FRA. So according to weights of SS on the exam I have done almost 80%. But I feel that I need to read all the material at least 2 (or better 3) times and solve 2000+ questions from qbank, EOC and mock. I know from L1 that it will help to maintain the material and to learn it by hart. So I have extremely much work to do ahead!

I just have PM and Ethics left to read. I only used Schweser…actually just got the CFA books this week. Once I am done reading, I will spend a couple of weeks doing QBank questions and then the EOC questions. I would also like to read through secret sauce a couple of times and then start the practice exams. Seems like too much to do in the last 11 weeks…

Doing ecomoics now. FRA and equity both left. So I will say 60% study is still pending.

Doing my first (general) review as of now just to check concept rentention.

Have to start on FI,PM,Derivatives, ethics (in the same order). Hoping I will have entire May for review & mocks. Everything else read and solved page by page from CFA curriculum; but retention rate is about 10% so far (though I am not worried about it right now).

17.25 study sessions down, 0.75 to go. will be done by sunday. 2.5 months to review, answer questions, and attend my final classes (covering 10 study sessions) through the local society.

I read through all of Schweser books and took tons of notes. I am halfway through the CFA curriculum and I have been doing all of the EOC questions. I will be done by mid April and I’ll have plenty of time for review.

failed last year, so in a way i’ve been through all of it, but progress is obviously a lot faster second time around. done everything up to alternative investments including every EOC problem, and even gone back and revied them a handful of times (only real problem section for me is emerging markets valuation, and ARCH seems retarded to me, but not that important). I have very detailed notes and formulas in word format and I don’t mind sharing (they’re based on the stalla readings in my own words, and I’ve been working off those and then doing EOCs with good success). If anyone wants, post email address and I’ll send, but there are like 45 docs or some kind of stupid high number like that.

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LOL! I think I’m through 50-60%. thommo77 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ^let’s see how many lurkers we get

thommo77 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ^let’s see how many lurkers we get Let me tell you from experience … I shared my entire set of notes for L1 in the same way magicskyfairy is doing here … The number exceeded 250 people :smiley: around 100 of them were not even registered members on AF :smiley:

FI, PM, AI, and derivatives left, need to get going on review very soon

At the point where i want it all to stop.

Halfway through FI. Need to do Derivatives and PM. I’ve also forgotten most of what I’ve read, so there needs to be lots of review.

I am at the point where I am done, but I have not yet started. WTF ? I read the CFAI books, I read Schweser, I saw the lecture videos… After finishing each reading and doing questions, I felt like I was kind of the world. Tried to do a mock when I was done with it, felt like I should have never passed Level 1. Retention is so bad. After 200 hours of studying, its almost like I done nothing. But i am sure the next 200 will pay off, it will stick, I hope so…

Ya more practice questions need to be done as a review method then just re-reading the material, I think this is an important point for level 2

about 100 pages left of FRA that i should be done with this weekend. And I will be done with all readings in schweser books. (expect ethics). Starting next week plan to start reading through CFAI and EOC material till may. This is were I’m stepping it up and focusing hard. (lunch breaks at work - CFAI book in hand) And then May 1st to exam… Practice questions, practice exams, practice questions, practice exams, you get the point.