Where do you study?

lillilland, if you paced out the starbucks ingestion over the course of the day you might not crash so hard in the afternoon.

I study at home…I find it hard to study on weekdays, what is useful is bring notes to memorize to the gym and read it over and over again on the treadmill. I can usually get myself to study one day during the weekend…but it’s usually very efficient, 100% concentration, 10hr+ studying. Microwave food comes in handy because I can’t afford to make lunch and get out of my study mood.

Yeah easy on the coffee. I dont bring caffein into it until crunch time. When you dont have any for months then all of sudden you have one cup and it’s like you can study for 5 hours straight without blinking. People rely way too much on that stuff. This country’s caffeine addiction is disturbing.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t enjoy studying at home. This is my schedule before the hardcore studying process will begin. Mon-Thurs: Community college library open till 9pm (then maybe some problems at home) Fri: Maybe an hour but probably none Saturday: Study at public/college library Sunday: Study at home A couple of times, I found hotel lobbies to be good study spots. I’m not sure how most receptionists will be, but a few times I went to a hotel where some of my friends worked and studied on their couches. Not bad, but they are open through the night and usually are quiet in these off hours. Occasionally I will go to Sbux, but it’s a lot harder to concentrate.

Good advice doworkson, I only drink one cup of coffee at the most though (and half the time I drink herbal tea). doworkson Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > lillilland, if you paced out the starbucks > ingestion over the course of the day you might not > crash so hard in the afternoon.

I am an IT consultant… travelling Mon-Thurs… My study places are home, office, library, hotel room, flight & sometimes starbucks :slight_smile:

I only study in the bathroom

anywhere pretty much: office, boardrooms at work, home, coffee shops, while waiting in line, etc… I’m always amazed at how much I can cover in 10min if I really mean it. I find that if I try to block off hours of my day to study, it doesnt really work that well, but it’s nice to pretend, so I always keep meaning to do it. ;))

Lol@lola…know what you mean While I don’t study just about anywhere(closet CFA candidate), the train to work and homesy works best. That said, I can’t seem to hold focus in any room !!!

Hey, seems like you guys live in Atlanta…how about forming our study group for Level 1 and meet up over the weekend.

I suggest a comfortable set of earplugs to all you people who study in public venues. It works wonders for concentration purposes. It’s only a few bucks at Walgreens to get a dozen pairs.

I rotate between Barnes and Noble and the conference room in my apartment. Barnes has a lot of studiers so it stays pretty quiet plus it’s nice to have some scenery. The apartment is nice because U have a huge table to myself and a free coffee bar, and a wall sized window to help with the view. As for coffee, I drink it regularly but adderall is really key to my studying. Embrace pharmacology!

I study at the NYU Library and sometimes at home (I have a huge kitchen table)

whenever and where ever I am free I open my books.

jalmy8 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m not going to lie - I think the main purpose of > my studying in starbucks was to actually be around > people. It made studying not as laborious and > hermitlike. That’s EXACTLY my situation here in Boston. I’m in grad school, am done with classes, and have no more teaching…so now its just research and CFA study ALONE. I hit up the Starbucks and Paneras at various locations, the student union, the library, and my windowless, basement office in various proportions and order. This forum makes me feel less alone/lonely…since I know there are other people going through all of this. Now, does anyone have any entertaining, exhilarating, and racy stories of sex, drugs, and violence related to CFA?

Anyone tryed to study at work?

In case to said to your boss smth like “f*ck off, i need to prep. CFA”

once i was studying for the CFA and i spilt coffee on my study material and i screamed “F***!!!” and kicked a chair, and ran to the washroom to get paper towels. sex=i said the word F*** :P. drugs=Caffeine in coffee violence= the chair was my B***h, he ain’t got nothing on me… :P, that’s as close as i can get to sex drugs and violence relating to the CFA.

I study at home most of the time…how about we all meet up at some public library or starbucks over the weekends to solve our doubts … if any one interested let me know…

I study in my studio apartment on a L-shaped table