Where is NANA

I miss her

after studying for 2500+ hours for both levels…you don’t need any one’s help.

I like reading her post.

Need more women around here. I also wonder where she went.

She most likely has a BF now. Girls ditch everything when they find a man.

Another theory floating around is that she was on that Malaysian plane.

^ she did disappear right around that time.

^ Pretty sure she commented on that thread.

Someone send her an email.


^ Nicely done.

She is the OP of the thread “So…where did the plane go?”


The only rational thing to do now is bombard her with private messages and emails.

Then I stand with my first assertion.

I never heard of her but I just sent her a pm. Hope it goes to her email.

dude. that’s just wrong.

It’s this: T.T

^Both are accepted as “crying”

I remember Nana said she is a beauty blogger. She is probably busy with giving people advices over there so she doesn’t have time for AF.


I reckon whoever created the persona decided that no further trolling could be done and retired it.