Where to live if you're working remote

Looking for some opinions. Before the pandemic, I was living in Boston, paying $1900/month plus utilities for an apartment. Starting two years ago I went to working fully remote, and 6 months into the pandemic I moved back to Cape Cod with my family. While the bank I was at first said they wanted people to come back into the office starting last Sept., the one I moved to in Dec. said they’re cool with me being remote full time. So I’m still with the fam and am considering where to go from here. Could use some suggestions.

Also, from what I can tell, apartments have gotten more expensive - like, it may cost $3000 or more per month for a reasonable apartment, plus ~$400 per month for a parking spot in a garage. It’s hard for me to justify that to myself for something that would essentially be a luxury, and not even that much of a luxury. I could also buy a condo but the prices are damn high right now and I may move in the coming year if I take a job somewhere else, though I could rent it out theoretically. Also considering just getting a long term rental at a cool ski village or something for a month or so. Could be fun since I have unlimited days at a few mountains out west. Could even do it in Aspen for ~$4k per month. Car rental prices are the killer though (about $2k). I’d basically be saving nothing from my salary.

What should I do? In b4 “bro how are you gonna get laid” etc.

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I’ve got a mate who have just leased his apartment in Amsterdam and moved to Bangkok with his good lady. They are renting for a few months over there and travelling the countries around it, using Bangkok as their base. Not saying go to Bangkok but the idea is a good one with remote working. Could chase the sun for the next year+

get a roommate or a gf. taht said get a rich gf. cuz mine only gives me 750 for rent food incidentals utilities lol. that said i run a pretty tight budget. our overall cost is about 2.5k. our share of expenses is based of income.

Where are you finding these girls that pay rent? Or quite literally for anything at all?

lol and i thought i had it rough.
i met her at the club.
but I mean she makes 60k as a social worker.
so im taking 9k out of 60k. it seems reaasonable.
considering im paying 60k/year in tuition. lol

“Just find a rich gf”

Can you point me in the direction of the rich, generous, high quality gf store please

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And she takes good care of you while you’re studying your MBA stuff, right???

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she cleans the place. doesnt cook. excellent gluck gluck.

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gluck gluck lol

For tax advantages, Puerto Rico is solid. For living, I love Florida.

I worked remote from Portugal, Germany, and Mexico. If time zone is a constraint, I’d try Argentina, Costa Rica, or similar spot. If time zone isn’t a constraint, then I’d move around and explore the world. I really enjoyed working during the day and then exploring a new spot in the evenings.

IF in the states, depends what you want. I think Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta are a few of the big cities that are affordable. Get a lot of the cost savings of other places without as much sacrafice on lifestyle

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