Where you at....?

Finished reading 25 tonight…using the CFAI texts and Q-bank exclusively. The reading isn’t nearly as painful as it was for L1 and L2, but I get the sense that it will make for harder questions to be tested on… I am trying to get through the texts by year end due to work travel and vacation travel in the first few months of 2009. Anyone else finding it not too bad…even slighly enjoyable for some sections?

Good to hear from you jb. I wish you posted more…like back in the good old level I days. My guess is that you have a big jump on everybody else. I have just finished the behavioral stuff (skipped ethics) and will start the PWM stuff tonight. I like L3 material better than the other levels so far. It is much closer to my daily duties. I try to make it enjoyable. I have found my attitude going into the reading will determine what I get out of it to some degree. Stick around AF. I will need your intensity later. :wink:

read behavioral finance then started pwm. then stopped and now i’m doing ethics… i’m feeling unorganized and the fact that you are talking about reading 25 is making me feel nauseous.

dudes, I started in January and the serious intense study (8-10 hours per day at weekends plus another 10 or so midweek) didn’t start till about march. I passed first time, you guys are way ahead of the curve.

Just started the capital markets expectations chapter…not bad but a bit boring. I guess Schweser will be a little more condensed.

Still in Behavioral Finance.

Just about to start. Will sart 1 November and no loking back.

Finished reading sessions 3,6,7,16,17,18. Currently reading Sessions 4 and 8. After I’m done reading through the material I will start reviewing and doing end of chapter problems.

joker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Just started the capital markets expectations > chapter…not bad but a bit boring. I guess > Schweser will be a little more condensed. Was CFAI ahead of the curve with negative expectations?

Can’t get started with this horrible market slamming me every single day…

Still mired in Ethics. Reading all the guidance again. Page 75 or so.

Page 0. I’m well on my way.

You guys are scaring me. Don’t you have day jobs? After a full day of stress in these markets I just can’t get myself pumped at night to do some studying.

I hear you mcpass. I am having trouble with this too…

yeah, mcpass. it’s impossible but i’m trying. i’m having a hard time staying even motivated to finish this thing off, to be honest. just trying to survive. i never thought i would hear myself saying that. what a difference a year makes.

I am struggling to start strong. I have read 3 readings thus far. I need to get it going. QUICK

We’ve walked through our entire investment portfolio across all asset classes today… it wasn’t pretty. The last few months haven’t been pretty and there’s a lot more mess to come. Above that I have the strong idea that the US government is making things worse and worse which could stretch things thing for a long long time.

Just started 2008 Schw Book 5, will start on curriculum next Saturday.

Just finished SS 6 of the CFAI books. Painful reading I felt. I’m hoping things get more interesting once I start into asset allocation. I’ve skipped most practice problems at this point though, I feel it slows you down a lot and I want to try to get through all the CFAI readings by the end of the year.

I just can’t seem to find the motivation. I’ve tried reading behavioral finance, and it’s even rather interesting, but I’m so burned out by the CFA now that I wonder if I’ll ever be able to light the fire again.