Which book are you on?

I’m curious to know what volume everyone is currently on in the curriculum. I know some co-workers of mine are on their 3 or 4th books…i feel like they are covering the material too fast? Or maybe I’m just really slow!

Well, I’m 30 pages away from finishing book 2 (schweser). If I could go faster - I would, just because I find the second time through much better for learning, so I’d prefer to have time for that. Although, considering I don’t even know my Level I result until Wednesday…

About 1/2 way through book 3 - FSA…I started studying in November - planning to finish all by mid April…

I’m still on Schweser book 1. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.

I am on book 1 as well, hope to wrap it up by the end of this week.

read through 1,2,3 and 4. Know 2 well. Trying to master 1 now before I get down and dirty with FSA.

I have just started for June 2008 level 1 so i am reading very first book

started in the mid of October… been studying on & off due to work load… right now in SS 9 (FSA)… have skipped SS3 for time being & will come back later…

I’m close to the end of FSA. Got 4 readings left in the book then I’m on to CF/PM.

I’m following the CFAI schedule using the CFAI texts. I’m on the last 5 economics readings.

well I am restarting this week, I am going to start with book 5 as that was my week point in L1 in december. Then I am going to do FSA again. If I can ace those 2 and keep up the rest of my marks, I should easily pass the seconds time around.

I haven’t gone through in a linear fashion, tend to jump from book to book, but i’m about 3/4 of the way through the material for the first time and working on SS 17 (Derivatives) today… albeit, i’ve been studying from used 2007 materials and will be registering in the next day or two…

My CFA L1 preparation starts tomorrow with book 1.

I will be starting Studying Book 1 today (28th Jan) I wanted to ask. Are you all just reading the pages, or making any notes… ??

Groan…I feel like I’ve been shirking studying!!But it really doesn’t seem half bad right now…started off the day before. Finished Ethics and I hope to be done with Eco by the end of this week…don’t intend doing the whole linear thing.

manavecplan, are you just studying the book or making any nmotes. how you guys are planning ?

anyone taking lvl 1 for the second time? how is your study schedule gonna be like this time ard? esp since if you have just studied all the way till dec the last time. And also have you guys started or just chilling? lol

@owaissiv Well, am not taking notes at this stage because I don’t think I need to…or rather I don’t see the point of it. What’s more important for me is getting through the volume of info there is and remembering most of it…no time for notetaking. I’m using Schweser’s almost exclusively(except for ethics) and there’s a lot of underlining that’s going into that. The most I will get into is flashcards I think…and e-flashcards on my ipod at that. Shouldn’t be too difficult…but I’ll need the pdf’s first.

Hi, Rounding up on Study Session 11, Schweser Style. Doing my reading in a linear fashion. But I believe the most important thing is how much time u have left for a thorough revision. What Study notes are u guys using?

@hopeful- what’s been your bugbear so far?Looking for someone who’s got a near zero accounting background and who’s crossed that bridge…