Which One of You BSDs is Moving?

0 Jule Pond Drive

Heading to the hamptons this weekend for some grass court tennis. The houses on Meadow Lane are pricey. Ohai probably owns one.

The Zestimate on that is only ~12.5m. Hacksaw.

the hamptons are trash, for nyc trash.

That mortgage tho

That home is beautiful.

Needs helipad, too far to drive from Manhattan. :-1:

more like 0 juul pond dr - rite guys

Future, Life, and Old Man: when you unplug your grandfather'slife support to charge your juulThe future is now, old man.

Only has space for 3 cars in the garage, for a house with 12 bedrooms. Nah…

I’d commission a massive underground garage for my rides.

Pictures are whack for $175m property!! … Needs more images!!!

Imagine the realtor fee though…

Don’t understand the lawn, such a waste of space.

It’s the Hamptons, it’s got that whole rustic rich vibe and space is a massive premium. The space is the valuation, not so much the house.

Guests park outside or probably get dropped off, it’s nice climate there.

I get it, I’m saying they should have a dope as s orchard and a grass tennis court, maybe import a lighthouse. Little garden maybe:

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According to this article, there’s a detached 6-car garage.

If you’re buying a $175m property, and additional garage access is important to you, you can probably afford to build a covered (or underground) go-kart track from the main house to the detached garage.

Edit: apparently I can’t embed links on mobile. Here’s the referenced article: https://patch.com/new-york/southampton/most-expensive-property-market-hamptons-lists-175m

Not really. Home equity is not included in net worth, so by purchasing you property you probably became poor.

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I wonder what this exact property would sell for in some random undeveloped beach in say North Carolina or Norther Florida? I’m thinking less than $10 million. Pretty insane premium for the Hamptons if you think about it.

Definitely a location and provenance premium, but 42 acres and that length of oceanfront would probably be at least 30m anywhere else (in the US. Don’t ask me about Somalia or Egypt because Zillow doesn’t show listings there).

I know because I got tired of looking at houses my wife texts me and started looking for the highest-priced houses in a variety of areas.