who can be my referees for applying memebership

my boss can be one of the referees, i dont know who can also be my referees, I need total 3 referees right?

Do you mean references? If so, you need only two if one is a charterholder. If none are you need three and they do prefer supervisors.



can the referees be one of my friends ( charter holder) who are not related to my work ?

Can anyone please let me know whether financial planning/budgeting/expense management could qualify as work experience required to apply for membership?

Request hashtag or s2000magician to please comment on it

Is it for a financial services/investment management business? If yes, its very likely. I had a role similar to that for one of the Investment banks and it was approved.

Try with clients for example or someone from regulatory agency. If this person is also CFA Charter holder, it might be a goal.