Who else hasn't even cracked a book yet?

well? Am I the only one?

i am not going to begin till end january. i dont think i can do 4+ months and risk losing steam at the end… did 4 months for the two levels prior and passed L1 comfortably and L2 as well.

Nothing yet, but they are sitting there waiting. GO BUCKEYES!! Congrats on TEBO

Starting in January… not too worried.

Only after new year, and maybe even after a vacation down south.

Will be starting in Jan also.

I opened a book, but then closed it. I am also not starting until January.

Half way through. In the middle of Fixed Income at the moment.

Bits and pieces so far. Nothing very structured until January. Right now I’ve been reading about Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation. I really like this stuff, though… it’s like this is what I’ve been waiting to read about since L1 and L2…

I don’t even have my books yet! hehe… starting January 1st with a big hangover!

Same boat. Can’t bring myself to buckle down and study just yet. I suspect Jan will light the fire under my #ss.

starting end of January as well, still need to put my order in for Schweser

i’m not smart enough to remember anything i’ve studied more than 2 months before the exam.

Starting late dec / early jan

I’m off to a sloooooww start …read through 1 SS so far …

Hello Folks, What do you suggest for Level2 Reading from Books or from Study Notes ? Any suggestion/recommendation would be appericiated. -Thanks

I’ve read a grand total of 40 pages in 3 months. Waiting till January to start on the remaining 3000 or so pages.

the furthest i have gotten is logging onto analyst forum again and reading the posts about how to pass and when to start studying. this is the “all important” period of psyching myself up for the months ahead…knowing that i have 2 or 3 weeks of having at least a bit of a social life and resolving to make the most of it. books arrived at work today. CFAI. considering getting schweser as well as my work will pay and i found the seminars v useful for L2 (mainly to keep me on track)

Iwona pass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I don’t even have my books yet! hehe… starting > January 1st with a big hangover! Hey Iwona! How have you been these past months? Ready to do this thing all over again? I’m also waiting till Jan to start studying. Jan 2 for me since I’ll be on a plane back to LA on Jan 1…

i’ll start ethics in the next week or so; and start to really study in a few weeks. i just planned a trip to Vegas at the end of January as a psychological end to my free time.