Who is Numi?

First, no homo.

I’ve always wondered about this BSD. He’s been hanging around the forums longer than I’ve been lurking and I can’t help but wonder who he is. In an industry full of arrogant assholes blinded by the bucks doing anything to get ahead, you have this cat who’s patient, collected, and encouraging of everyone.

So I gotta ask, who is Numi? You’d think someone as savvy as he could get it twisted and turn into Greed is Good Gorden Gekko stacking his paper and leaving the chumps the scraps.

Anyways, deeps thoughts by CFAvsMBA on a Friday.

Also, where does he get his moniker from?

I used him for grad school consulting which was a great service. I would just like to add on to what you said.

  1. I won’t ad any further detail (as he seems to like his privacy), but from what I could peice together he is in fact a legit BSD.

  2. I’ve known a very few people with his collected demeanor in my lifetime, and it’ always impressive and humbling to interact with them. Everytime we’d be working on content he’d just be like, “you could try phrasing it like xyz” and I’d be like, “damn, that guy worded it better after 10 seconds of brain storming than I could after two weeks of beating my head against the wall”. It was really humbling, but helpful too. So, he’s pretty solid in real life too is my point. I mean, I disagree with him about some view on life sort of stuff on the forum, but his business acumen and demeanor are pretty great.

I’ll let him answer the moniker thing.

Let me say for the record that I’m not trying to pry and air out the girl who popped his cherry, his HS gpa, or if all deciles of his CFA Exams were above 70.

I’m just saying I find it incredible that given all the talents he has, he chooses to spend them schooling dummies like me. You’d think he’d be ripping it up on the Upper East Side with a coupla dimes in his spare time versus posting guidance on AF.

BS, I’m sorry HBS didn’t work. You know we were rooting for you. Any safety schools a potential for you?

I met Numi. He was very calm and collected, as you might expect, but he did have to rush off to rip it up with a coupla dimes afterwards. He gets his fun in, I’m sure. :wink:

The waitresses all cooed and aweed over him: “hey, bchad, who’s that friend of yours…”

All my eggs are in the Chicago Booth basket at this point. Wait and see till the 28th for me.

Word, Chitown is my old hood.

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while, and it seems like now is a good time since most of the big AF players are on this thread. When ya’ll meet up do you call each other by your AF moniker or each others real name? I could imagine that could get kind of confusing.

Haha, usually I’ve arranged to meet with people through phone or email, so we’re on real first name basis by that point. In fact, these days I have to be conscious not to refer to people by first names on the forums just out of respect for privacy.

Ok we all love numi, but this is a step away from getting creepy…

I guess we should have nametags with our AF names. Whether we actually go by our real life name is up to the individual.

you should have seen the bro-mance in that bromion thread. THAT was creepy.

It was funny though, the first time I met AFJunkie (no longer posts here) and Bpdulog, these girls at the bar were all, “oh how do you guys know each other” and we’d just be like, “oh, we met online…”

Cool. We might be classmates someday. I’m thnking of doing my exchange there.

Are you guys looking at Booth Full Time or part time?

@Swannie- I actually met a guy that moved out here for work and ppl would ask us the same thing… its super awkward/creepy to admit you met a guy friend… even more so than meeting chicks online (im guessing)


Can’t wait for CT to bang all the chick on campus (including the dean’s daughter and wife) and for BS to perform a deep and lengthy analysis, laced with citations, how that is unconstitutional and morally reprehensible.

FT, hopefully.

Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate!

“where the squirrels are cuter than the girls”

I went there for ugrad.