Who passed all 3 levels in 1,5 years?

It seems AF has high level of passing (self reporting bias maybe)… I am just curious about the folk who hang around here. I took the level I in Dec 2011, level 2 in June 2012 and Level 3 in June 2013.

Not me. I started this in December 2008. That was a long time ago.

Unless you didnt study for level 1 and just showed up & passed can you really say you passed all 3 in 18 months? If so then people that went 3/3 starting in June can say they passed 3 in 24 months so not much different.

Three-for-three here.

Not that that makes me a better analyst . . . .

I did the same thing starting in Dec 2011. I’m losing my mind sitting here waiting for my L3 results though… and yes, I have checked my spam etc. etc. it is just not there. I’m +90% confident that I passed, but I’ll feel a lot better when I actually get some confirmation.

3 for 3, now I can actually read things that will help my job!


Signed up in late Febuary 2011 for Level I and then passed every level on first try. I studied hard and had some luck.

Luck is an important factor that most people seem to ignore once they pass. Unless you are top 20 % and know everything, you have to be humble and realize that you have some luck when you pass.

forgive us, if it comes out as if bragging, this is not my intention here… BUT, who took Level I December and immediately took level 2 is totally different animal than who took in June.

Reasoning: 1) Shorter time to prepare 2) couldn’t yet heal from the Dec burnout

Technically, same.

L1 in Dec.2008 - pass

L2 in June 2009 - pass

Then stopped and did CMA (Canada).

Found the time to do L3 - registered in Jan. 2013, wrote in June 2013 - pass.

So, except for the “did something else for 4 years”, technically it’s the same 1.5 years net time.

All three on the first attempt.

Though in reality it’s more than 1.5 years since you start studying for L1 in at least September.

So it’s at least 1 year and 9 months.

3/3 :smiley:

so I guess most of the people, really passed at first try…

Passed all 3 levels in 1.5 years. Not been fun and glad its over.

Sep 11 - CAIA Level 1

Dec 11 - CFA Level 1

Mar 12 - CAIA Level 2

Jun 12 - CFA Level 2

Jun 13 - CFA Level 3

Done and dusted, now I can do some real work.

wow Converts you are a real beast man…

That is damned impressive sir.

U make me feel inferior, bastards!)

I did CAIA 2 right before CFA 2 and actually found it quite complementary.

I owe my son and wife some serious backtime now… :slight_smile:

I passed Level 1 Dec 2011, Level 2 June 2012 and Level 3 June 2013… I grinded hard for every level but still didn’t let it completely ruin social life. I think that was a big part of it. I cut out going out Fridays for the last couple months each time, woke up early saturday studied a ton and rewarded myself that night. I did study most week nights for at least 2-3 hours though the last 3-4 months.

Holy cow that’s impressive, what field are you in?

he is Dentist miss cleo… :smiley: