Whoa. What happened?

Chad, you coulda warned us. This is going to throw us all off for the rest of the week.
Now I can’t concentrate on work, because I have to figure out how to maneuver AF.

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I think you are going to like the new platform. It will be an adjustment but there are a lot of great features. Eventually the Water Cooler will only be open to established members that have demonstrated an ability to add value. Also, you can now ignore users, post tables, images, videos and a lot more.


Q1 - how do you quote somebody?

“Water cooler will only be open to members that add value…” Bchad is dead, and Higgs is gone, which pretty much means S2000 will be here all alone.

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To quote someone just click on the first icon in the reply window. It is highlighted in red below.

Here is an example of what a quote looks like.

I see what’s going on here. [They] got to you. It’s cool. My record of truth telling will stand forever regardless of efforts to censor. I might come back when you all have had your illusions shattered and you need guidance, but you’ll have to ask nicely.

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Awesome. Can’t wait. Do you think the min post length is too restrictive? Also if the quote is on the same line as text, it doesn’t work. :blush: BTW glad smileys work

I’ve reduced the minimum post length from 20 to 10.

This new layout is creepy AF. Those “badges” will be used to marginalize people who are unpopular regardless of the objective value they provide. This is Black Mirror sh!t. Next will come the Wrong Thinker tag.

Rise up bros before it’s too late!


well this take some getting used to. the opening for is hilarious though. level 3 or higher. so wc is the official level 4 or what

I don’t like change. Also, the underscore in my name is an abomination.

Do you want me to change it to BlackSwan?

The badges identify your exam level so other members know what you have passed or what you might be studying for.

one thing i noticed is that it is very difficult to see the last post for extremely long threads. you should add that button.

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R.I.P. Water Coooler

We’re going to be adding a slider to the left side of the page that will allow you to navigate those longer threads more easily.

I was joking around, I’ll ponder it and then let you know if I prefer it the other way. Thanks!

Is there a way to just click into the threads so you land at the end or even the unread like there used to be without using a slider?

also i like the layout where it just has the latest threads for all categories. maybe you can allow us to set it as the default.

Tanks Chad. I am sure people will get used to it over time. I just don’t know why you only made it Trust Level 3. Nery should at least get a special Trust Level 6 or higher, and his posts should be super promoted to the front page while simultaneously emailed to all registered accounts.