Whoa. What happened?

AF 3.0 is here. I like my new god powers. You’re all screwed.

Regarding the min char requirement, can we respond with a reaction gif or meme? That’s a pretty big part of the WC. I’d hate for someone to post a gif and have to write FFFFFFFFFF afterwards.

imo, i should be higher as i have a pic that shows i can dunk. like r kelly i believe i can fly. big hands, big feet, you know what that means ladies.

Also, where’s the Feedback Forum because this thread…

yes please add button to “view first unread” post

I promise I can shape up and become a great koala-tea poster.

What happened to your old profile pic? By the way, you should add CFA badge by joining the group.

It wasn’t super intuitive on how to do that. This will take an adjustment. So far though, I like that you no longer have to scroll to the bottom of the thread to write a response. Now, I can reply whilst looking right at your posts.

The dark theme is better IMO tho too.

do tiktok compilations add value? naturally nsfw

You can dunk!

Oooooooh!!! Ooooooooh!!! Lotsa new emojis!! :blush: :nerd_face:

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the key to dunking is much like the key to success, set the bar low and look at it from the pov of someone lower than you.

Lots of them :grinning: :sunglasses:

:cn: :croissant: :point_right:t3: :ok_hand:t3: :pinching_hand: :eggplant:

Is there a CFP badge? Or a Claritas badge? I demand recognition for my accomplishments.

being able to post formulas using math scripts (given that this is a forum geared towards analysts, this should help immensely when working through problems on the forum. the syntax seems complicated, but i’ll get used to it, eventually)

as of now, i cannot see if users are level 1, 2 or 3. all FRM charterholders appear as though they have no charter.

i think we should also put down our net worths including home equity.

Care to guess why they call me the CEO10K/day?

I’m surprised no one has noticed this new emoji I had added just for the WC:



You are my hero.

Deleted, since CEO quoted it. Man this new forum is tops! :rocket:

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