why did you fail the exam?

Thank you all who answered any questions I or someone else asked on the forum. And a special thank you to Magician!

Congratulations to all who passed and best of luck to the rest who didnt make it this year. I have failled level 2 once and I will tell you that the second time I did I passed with about a month of studying as all I did was read my summaries and about 20 mocks. you only fail when you stop trying

To all who failed the exam. what was the reason that caused you to fail? did you not manage your time well…etc

I have no idea, I must have put in 400-500 hours on studying since last October. I gave it everything and got a band 8. I failed Levels 1 & 2 twice each, and got both on the third attempt. This was my first attempt at Level 3. I’ve been doing it for seven years now, and I don’t have the appetite any more to do an eighth year. I guess I’m just not smart enough - that’s the reason I failed it.

I broke up with my girlfriend of six years right before I started my course for Level 3. Our relationship went downhill after I started studying for Level 2. It was hard to concentrate every week trying to stick to a new routine and a new lifestyle. I definitely skipped more study days in Level 3 than I did for Level 2.

No surprise that I failed Band 10. I think the phrase “every little bit counts” definitely applies to my situation. If I didn’t skip those days, it would have made all the difference.

I hope you mean 6 months not years. Sorry to hear that and wish you all the best

I did not practice morning session enf… Got screwed big time. Left 2 complete question unanswered as ran out of time.

I started the program in 2003. I failed level 1 once, level 2 twice and level 3 twice. I finally passed this time, my third attempt at level 3. So it’s been 10 years with 8 sittings and I can tell you it was worth every try. Keep at it. If I can do it anyone can. I’m no rocket scientist.

Spranga5,I failed level 3 band 7 this yr and last yr i failed band 8. I keep gettin <50 in atleast 8 orning Questions. Could you please suggest how can I improve e.g. what did you do differently ?

Failed band 10…

Nailed PM which I knew when I wrote it as well. But AM killed me.

I got stuck in lot of places looking for simple words - learnings for me. practise answering questions by writing it yourself, instead of just thinking whether I know the answer.

My first two attempts I got a band 3 and a band 8. The key to this exam is the exam itself. The material isn’t that difficult. For the AM portion first, I checked how many questions there were and I allocated my time to suit. I wrote what I could on each question and moved on when it was time to. I finished with 5 minutes to spare and only then tackled the questions I wasn’t totally happy with my responses. The main thing is to ask yourself why they are askiing this question? What are they really trying to test. Then you need to WATCH OUT FOR THEIR TRICKS. There are always tricks. If it seems too easy…look again. If you think you don’t have enough info toanswer LOOK AGAIN. The PM was straightforward although I didn’t do as well as I thought. Hope this helps.

Thanks Spranga5, From where did you practice AM ? i did all past exams i could but i guess what i missed is focusing on what are they trying to ask.

Sooraj can you post your section scores

It was 6 years, not months, unfortunately.

Looking back there were many instances where I said to myself, “I’m going to skip this topic, and make up for it somewhere else.” I think that also contributed to my low score. I did this for a lot of the Derivatives and Alternative Investments.

Morning section ruined me hard <50 in every section.

Afternoon +70 in almost all sections. Band 7


AM Session is a real beast.

Failed Level 1 once and then passed on the 2nd attempt. Failed Level II once and then passed on the 2nd attempt. This is my 2nd attempt at Level III and both times failed band 7. Just like meazza: <50 in 7 sections during the morning session and +70 in almost all sections in the afternoon. I truly thought I passed this time around. To say I’m extremely disappointed is an understatement.

I always say “do it with passion or not do it at all”… if you don’t have the enthusiasm for it, it makes it even MORE difficult to study and pass the exam.

i know 7 years is a long journey and definitely would wear anyone out. take a break from it and see if your passion comes back in a few years - and best of luck on other endeavours!!!


I hate it.

Hate it hate it.

Honestly, if you ask me, luck has to do with it.

if you fail at band 9 or 10, it’s probably because you studied and excel in some topics but those are not the topics heavily tested on.

Everyone is good at different topics, sometimes they hit a topic several times over the exam and if you’re good at it you pass, if you aren’t you fail.

so hopefully those who fail will recover soon!

I have the same question. I failed band 7 last year. I did the Schweser Class- attended every class did every question possible this year. I walked out of the test thinking it was a breeze and that I had definitely passed and got band 7 again! I totally bombed the morning section.

What advice does anyone have in getting the essay questions? I am not sure if I can handle another year of this. I may be taking a year off.

When I walked out I felt i was just there. The essays ruin me though. I tend to blab.

I figure I’ll just practice more and hopefully I’ll get through it.