Why do Indians always say 'the same'?

I am often engaged in email dialogue with Indians who do some of the more administrative tasks within my bank. That said, they’re nearly all MBA or ICFA…etc…

Why do they always end a sentence with ‘please confirm the same’. blablabla ‘the same’?..

I find it quite annoying and i’m interested why they speak like that…


same reason they use the word ‘actually’ a lot and love the continuous tense.

probably just lost in translation from Hindi

I’m sure I read somewhere that the majority of indians now attend english speaking schools but the version of english spoken is unrecognisable to western english.

google hinglish

hinglish is generally used by northern indians because even if they have knowledge of english they prefer hindi and when you speak to them in english they’ll mix it up.

while most schools teach english,schools set up by the govt etc will hire teachers who will teach in the local dialect.It’s pretty strange.

If you think hinglish is weird you should listen to tamil english or something once

We are like this onlee!

Same same?

Maybe they are taught to answer that when they give exams.

Hi this is Ramesh here, I will be giving the CFA the level 3 exam in June of next year only. I have been informed to start study in 6 months only. Please confirm the same.


I don’t know the answer, but I would like to know why all Indian men look like they just woke up from being anesthetized.

And this is the thread Chad was talking about in his BS rant. LOL

I always enjoy the emails from our Indian department ending with “please advice”.

What about “mate”.

Is that used as a noun or a verb?

so fucking annoying!!!

ha ha,how so?


lol,by that logic ‘what’s up?’ is a pretty stupid thing to say too…

Every country has it’s own idiosyncratic version of the language. Why pick on the Indians?

I can list a number of annoying linguistic habits amongst the Americans, the Australians, the Irish and my own compatriots. But I let it slide and consider it the beauty, flexibility and adapdability of the English language.

No wonder it rules the world… as much as the Frenchies hate it!!!


i wouldn’t bother…mate.

People translate from Hindi to English word for word hence it becomes a hilarious phrase in english. some examples of when a word or phrase is translated word for word into english.

Remove printout, give exam,

We use words like actually, basically a lot. words like summary are written as summery since people will derive the spelling of summary from the word summer. We find it confusing when hour, are and our have the same pronunciation.so we We add H to to the pronunciation of hour and the our part is pronounced as" owwr".

India has 14 or 16 different languages officially recognised. In reality we have many more languages and dialect. some 800 or so. My mother tongue for example has no script .It is only spoken and the only way to ensure survival of my mother tongue is to teach the next generation. And btw 98% of India’s population would not understand a word of my languageThere many other languages like this.

English does not come naturally to us, indian languages are derived from Sanskrit.

@OP will try to find out why we use the phrase you mentioned.