Why do so many CFA nerds study in Starbucks in NYC?

Any reason as to why they would do such a thing? Every time I go into a Starbucks in NYC, I see the Schweser books and either a white nerdy male or a Chinese dude hovering over them.

Just leave a post it when they go for a break, saying, “You don’t really need to know this part. Sincerely, wake2000, CFA”

Dis is like axing, “Why do black folks like chicken?”

They just do, das all.

There must be some bank office nearby, or maybe you live in an area that is popular with bank people.

its a place to meet babes isn’t it?

I don’t really understand why people like to work at Starbucks, as opposed to working at home. Starbucks has more distractions, and you have to put on normal clothes - no sitting around in underwear. While Starbucks has coffee and food, it’s easy and is cheaper to make these at home.

This. I have never, ever understood studying at Starbucks. The library is more conducive to learning. Home is more comfortable. Your office would be the best place to be studying in public if you are studying purely to be seen studying. Starbucks seems like the worst of all worlds - it’s noisy, you’ve got to pay for food and drink, you can’t wear any old thing or listen to music on speakers, and anyone who sees you studying there is most assuredly not going to care that you’re studying.

Yeah, it’s got girls in it, but if you feel the need to run pickup game between learning Modigliani-Miller and iCAPM…you are probably not going to have a very productive study session.

i studied the CFA in a dungeon…never liked studying where people can see me…starbucks is too expensive and I got no game to run…

I think it’s mental (I studied at the library or a bookstore if I was going late) - that’s an environment where people can drink drinks that have caffeine and are comforting, and generally there are smart/chic people perceived to be in the bucks.

I don’t buck it (not a coffee guy), but if people are comfortable there I could understand the draw (plus many people use caffeine to study).

Chicken is good.

I did all my studying at the dining room table, but I didn’t have kids then. Not sure where I would study now, but I know it woudn’t be Starbucks.

I used to basically live in the 24 hour starbucks when I studied for CFA. Here’s why:

  1. Access to beverages / food (I lived alone and fridge was never stocked)

  2. Removes all distraction (TV’s, etc)

  3. Because I always went there to study, it became associative so I found it easier to study there than say home where there are a mix of activities associated

  4. Because I lived alone at the time, I didn’t feel so lonely / isolated studying for so many hours a day because there were people around

  5. I wear earplugs even in libraries, so the noise is pretty manageable, especially late at night in the 24 hour starbucks, it was pretty controlled.

  6. If they’re young guys like I was, their apartment may feel dungeony in comparison.

Anyhow, that’s just me, but I loved studying that way. By the end they were giving me most of my drinks for free and extra food that was going to expire, so that was nice too.

you can save a fortune drinking coffee at home. you can buy a case of coke for like the price of 3 coffees as well…

Yeah, it is expensive, but I drink the espresso based drinks, so I don’t want to get a machine, etc. Plus there’s all the social aspects mentioned above. Made studying more bearable for me. It was nice though, I was getting like 2 free drinks to every one I bought, so that wasn’t so bad.

Do you know what is more expensive? Studying ineffectively at home, failing the test, then spending another year in fees/time retaking it.

Jus sayin.

True, if I get a coffee at Starbucks every day for a year then $2*365 = $730. Not quite a fortune…and Frank, I don’t know where you buy your coke, but mine’s still like $14.5k a kg.

i actualy don’t buy the coke, i just steal it from the office…but if i had to, i would definitely buy it…

Not Starbucks, but I’m a huge coffee shop dude for studying.

As people have said, you get in there with your books and you have to study, no excuse.

  • it makes it less depressing than just staying at home.

Works for me, even if you could save 44,12 $ every 2 weeks for staying at home.

Some people need movement or people around to study, have the TV on or soemthing… I get that occasionally. If your mind can filter it out, it works sometimes

You won’t see many Australians studying at Starbucks.


I study at the library/Sbux/coffee shops for the atmosphere, I am (generally) more focused here then at home where I am easily distracted with roommate, TV, etc.

You could make the same argument about gyms in that you can buy whatever equipment you need and never have to pay a gym fee again but part (at least for me) of going to the gym is the atmosphere, tend to work out harder in that setting whereas I would probably due a few pushups/situps at home and call it good.

Same thing with the bars, you could have people over, music, drinks etc and it will be a hella of a lot cheaper but sometimes you just want the bar scene…maybe I am stretching a bit here but you get the drift.