Why is there a kid pushing the climate change hoax?

When I was that age, no one gave a damn what I thought or had to say, the coaching and agenda are so obvious! Very sad!

Let me help you with that.

The data seems pretty clear that we are impacting the planet and it could have some serious consequences if governments do not put in place some reasonable counter measures. That all said, this girl’s speech was pretty cringe; makes me almost want to buy the worst gas-guzzling SUV and drive it around aimlessly for no reason other than to piss her off.

There is nothing cringe-worthy about global warming, but there is something cringe-worthy about putting young and immature people as the face of movements just because it plays well on social media.

I think the idea is that her generation will have to deal with the consequences :bulb:

If a 16 year old girl is able to piss you off that badly when talking about climate change to an audience and not saying anything offensive – you might need to re-think your priorities. She’s a teenager, of course she isn’t going to be as polished as others – but she’s still better than the President.

I thought it was pretty lame. Transparently grand standing using kids as props always loses points.

The way it shakes out is some of the people who already agree on issue X will say, “aww that’s neat” like-share!

The people who disagree on issue X for whatever their reasons just roll their eyes because it’s an obvious hyperbole that fails to address their side of the argument directly, which if you’re trying to convince someone are ultimately the only thing that matters for the sake of swaying them. This is a lost concept in this day and age. People talk to themselves and not their target, elite sales people get this.

I’m a big “lets stop global warming now” person, but this was just more cringe.

Maybe people will unite behind her by changing their profile pictures, that always successful.

That’s a great point. You never sell someone an idea or change their mind by inconviencing them (some guy blocking traffic and twerking in front of their car, y’all seen the video right?), telling them they STOLE from you, or doing anything that makes them dislike you even more. You have to make them feel smart and that they came to the conclusion themselves.

Like I do in the MAGA thread.

hash tags too, #freeourgirls, #Kony2012, amiright6?

“hoax” LMFAO. I can’t take you seriously.


Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree*: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.

How would you address the issue?

Nothing too non standard.

  1. Continued subsidies and incentives for EV’s.

  2. Disincentives for coal power plants on the grid.

  3. Higher taxes on meats.

4) Carbon tax for all high carbon industry goods produced in countries with weaker environmental regulation.

The last one is huge and Europe is considering it now for steel. One of our current issues is we’re allowing products like emerging market steel to be produced with inefficient methods like aging blast furnaces that are straight stacked with no scrubbers then shipped (another high carbon industry) to the US, where environmentally regulated firms are forced to try to compete. Carbon is a global issue, if you’re going to produce somewhere else to supply a developed market like ours, you should be beholden to the same enforcement or face a comparable tax to bring production back into better regulated jurisdictions.

If we’re not going to listen to Leonardo DiCaprio then we aren’t going to listen to anyone.

I for one welcome my new uninhabitable future wasteland.

carbon tax in general would be huge. but it would disproportionately affect the poors imo.

Agree 100%. This is what I was trying to convey.

Can somebody please explain what’s going on? I must have missed something.

There’s more than 2 sides of this argument though. It’s not about climate change = real to climate change doesn’t exist. It’s between those who think action needs to be taken now and those who think it’s not a politically viable position.

The march helped showcase to politicians that the youths clearly care about climate change and, since the salient generation isn’t going to grow any more, need to be taken more seriously. She’s 16, not 7. She might not understand the nuances of the world, but don’t pretend she doesn’t have any agency. She’s had an impact on those who already want to push for climate change policies but who haven’t had the right kick to actually prioritize it. We’ve got candidates pushing for a green new deal, if Greta/the marches are able to increase voting turnout - she’ll have had an impact.

Haven’t read this specific article – but I’ll put blind fath in the BBC


Just another sign of the lengths rich parents are going to to score their kid an ivy league acceptance.