Will work for free

Hi Everyone, I’m actively searching for work, so though I’d put myself out here on this forum. I have a passion for investment management. Took and passed CFA Level I and II about three years ago. Since then, I’ve been self employed with some online businesses and playing online poker. I make well over $100k, but realized my passion still lies in investment management. I ideally want to work in a hedge fund. So I’m wondering if anyone knows of internship opportunities in the Los Angeles area. I’ll work for free, as money is not an issue for me. Email me at agefvert@yahoo.com if you’d like a copy of my resume. thanks, Adam Gefvert

I got no job for you. But out of curiousity, what kind of business was your online business? and what portion of that 100k was from online poker :P.

I could use a personal assistant ala Kramer…

What did you do before your online business and poker?

If you’re not dependent on steady income, you should look into prop trading. I hear some of those guys clean up. If you’re that eager to work for free, you should email your resume and cover letter to every shop in your region. Again dude, what type of business and how much income from poker???

Thanks for the responses guys. xck - Some of my businesses ahve to do with online poker, others have to do with a self help book on social skills that I wrote. I’d say my income is 70% from playing online poker 30% from my online businesses. I also coach poker charging $125/hr. drs - sign me up! storko - I was into sales, then realized I am into investments. I recently turned 30, so I had a lot of maturing to do before I realized what I want to do with my life. Joemontana- Good idea, I think I will send my resume and cover letter out to everyone. I’m good at poker, make over $100k a year from that alone, playing about 25 hours a week. Plus, one of my poker accounts gives me a 9% return on my money, so I have most of my savings in there.

Joemontana- Good idea, I think I will send my resume and cover letter out to everyone. I’m good at poker, make over $100k a year from that alone, playing about 25 hours a week. Plus, one of my poker accounts gives me a 9% return on my money, so I have most of my savings in there. -------------- oh my, 9% on cash… that has warning signs all over it. i suggest you pull it all NOW! best investment advice you will ever receive, and that was free.

I hate to say this but at 30, you are at a big disadvantage. There are ton of college students in their 20s begging for internship with hedge funds. HF want younger guys since they can groom them into eventual contributor to the firm. That’s their mode of thinking. You should try to get an MBA to give yourself a solid shot at getting doors open. If you do get an internship, your income from pokers will likely be curtailed because of time commitment. This means you have to be willing to curtail your disposal spending. In reality, if you want to get your foot in the door, you have to find esoteric (non-traditional) means.

Got to agree with MFE, pull your money out of that account quickly thats earning 9%, sounds too dodgy.

Getting an MBA is an interesting idea that I’m open to, but I think work experience would be more valuable. I know people who start their careers in their late 30s, so I’m hoping I’m not too old. The 9% isn’t for free. You have to play a lot on the site in order to get the 9%. These poker sites make more money than most major funds. It’s secure, believe me. Anyways, someone has already sent me an email about a potential opportunity, but he’s in Milwaukee. I’m hoping someone from the LA area reading this would be able to create a non-paid internship opportunity for me.

9% seems reasonable if it ties to how much you play. Considering they take a portion of every pot you win… It keeps you on the site instead of playing at all other many sites there are. Gefvert mind if i ask what site it is? I can probably guess… also, from that estimate of 70K you made from poker, how long have you been keeping that figure up? Would you be able to consistently keep around that 70k? Many players have streaks, good players and bad. And assuming you’re working for a HF, you’ll find it hard to have time to play like negativefcf stated. And with poker skills will decrease in quality with your lack of sleep and focus. just giving some input. To be honest, i wish i was in your position, and played poker for a decent living.

Adam, it sounds like you still have a lot more maturing to do… and learning about yourself. Based solely on your comments (and the hours of CSI and Criminal Minds that I’ve watched ;-), I would say that your personality isn’t all that well suited for investment management… unless your def’n is as being a trader. My guess is that you’ll find investment management far too slow and research intensive when compared to the pace and intensity of gambling. I would also disagree with your approach. Saying that you’ll work for free really doesn’t give you any advantage. If anything, I think you’re sending a signal out to any would be employer that all you’ve got to offer is costless labor without any real value.

$70k a year is actually very easy to make at poker, if you have a passion for it. I never really wanted to do it for a living. It’s just easy money, but not a career. The site that offers 9% to Elite VIP players is Absolute poker. I think I can contribute greatly to the investing world. And it would be a career that I’d feel good about doing too. Don’t think you can get an accurate description of what I’m suitable for by reading a couple posts, darkhelmet. And you’re saying that an internship won’t help me get work? Would you rather pay someone to work for you with hardly any experience, or someone with free experience?

As an employer, I’d rather pay someone six-figures (or maybe five figures in this market) who knows what he’s doing and can hit the ground running, than to take my chance on someone who’s never worked before, and have to spend time training them, checking over their work, and worrying about an unproven commodity. In theory, free labor would be great, but there are enough people out there who are hungrier, more experienced, more pedigreed, or whatever other descriptive term that are more likely to be value-add than someone with no experience at all.

BTW, Gefvert, there are probably tens of thousands of other people who are willing to “work for free” in the hopes of getting a front office job. You can probably find at least hundred on them on analystforum.com alone.

If you can easily make over $100k per year playing poker, why not spend 25 hours a week playing and then spend the rest of your time managing your own assets? Why would you want to go work for someone else if you could do it on your own?

There are more than a few people who got their start by offering to work for free - Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards books mention a few, and some of Drobny’s Global Macro guys mentioned in Inside the House of Money are examples. So offering to work for free has some precedent. It seems to work better in the trading world than the investing world, though, for reasons that probably have more to do with personality types and organizational dynamics. The one thing to be careful of is that people often undervalue what they don’t have to pay for. It might be better to offer to work at minimum wage than work for free - your managers will think more carefully about whether they are using your time wisely if they have to write a check - even if it’s a small one.

I think you should have a shot. Your background is interesting and shows a facility with numbers. If you want to get into trading you’re good - every trader friend I have plays poker regularly. If you interview well and can show you know you’re shit when it comes to the markets, you can definitely break in. I’d agree that working for free might not be the best idea - or if you’re going to do it, make sure it is for a limited time. Give them a three month sample…kind of like the internships that MBA’s do after their 1st year.

Gefvert Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Anyways, someone has already sent me an email > about a potential opportunity, but he’s in > Milwaukee. WillyR?

Doostang? lol