Women over 30 can't find a good man

What AF brotherhood think of these women?


If a woman over the age of 30 is single, it is because she CHOSE it. Her circumstances did NOT bring her there. She CHOSE to spend her 20s fooling around and not developing a personality only to find that it’s too late.

Who is a single woman over 30?

In today’s world, there are many single women in their 30s. If you had a blue-pilled feminized upbringing, you’d think, “Women finally get a chance to pursue their dreams, become strong and independent”

But why are they single?

The answer is simple, they made retarded life choices, have fucked up expectations and just don’t understand that men can have expectations too.


A 33-yr old temporary roommate. Career woman, makes a ton, traveled a lot for work in her 20s (jet set lifestyle):

Her: “I have so so many options here. But I think I’m too picky. I can’t even find guys. There was this one guy who lived 30 miles away and the only reason it didn’t work out was because we couldn’t set up dates.”

Translation: She’s too fucking lazy to drive to meet a potential partner but can’t realize why she’s single. Doesn’t want to put any effort. Wants prince charming to drop in at her doorstep like amazon package delivery

Her: “Went on a date with this guy on Friday night and he didn’t even make a reservation. I told him I’m feeling a bit sick and we should go somewhere else. He actually didn’t like other restaurants and told me we should meet some other time”

Translation: How the hell can a guy have expectations of her while she’s imposing her expectations on him?

Her: “I feel like guys in this place don’t match up to my expectations”

Me: “But you literally have a thousand guys at your fingertips”

Her: “Yeah, but it’s so boring. Guys don’t even put effort these days”

Me: “What effort did you put?”

Her: “I was feeling a bit sick that day and still went to see him, put on make up and all”

Me: “And he kept himself healthy and came to meet you when he could’ve spent time with a non-sick (and younger/hotter) girl. Just meet him again when you are better right?”

Translation: She is the queen, everyone should serve her. Even if she’s not up to her best on the first date, he should be…and accept her for however she is. She wouldn’t accept a guy being off on the first date though

Her: “When I was in New York, the guys were so nice. They used to bring flowers on the first date and all. Out here, nobody does that. What happened to guys”

Me: (Thinking) “You are not hot anymore, you are entitled, this is not the 90s or 00s, tinder, you slept around a lot, you literally don’t see how you need to put effort too…not worth fucking flowers. No guy feels like you are worth that effort”

Me: (Saying) “Why should a guy try to make you feel good on the first date? What have you done for him?”

Her: “I feel like guys should”

Translation: Women still expect EVERYTHING from a man on a date despite cries of equality. Why aren’t men doing it?..is the question every 30s woman asks

Me: “Didn’t you date before? What happened?”

Her: “At that time, I didn’t want commitment. Just wanted to travel around. I was still dating guys but they weren’t really my type”

Me: “So no real boyfriends?”

Her: “There was one but I left him because we were going to move away for a new job”

Me: “So you left a pretty-close-to-perfect-for-you guy for a job?”

Her: “Yes”

Translation: She rode the CC, found a great guy but then made a mistake. She chose her career over their life together. She CHOSE it


Women are responsible for their own life situation. They have abundant choices and squander them like a spoiled rich kid

For men

A man getting related to a woman in her 30s (if he himself is not significantly older), is being conned. BEWARE. These bitches are single for a reason. That reason is not you. Let them deal with their reasons. DO NOT PITY THEM.

For women

If you are a woman (20s and 30s) reading this, ask yourself if you go on dates and say things above. If you do, you are at a risk of ending up just like other mid 30s women confused, lost and not sure where life is headed.

Women today are incredibly lost too. They can’t accept that they didn’t develop their personalities (which takes years and is hard work) are worth nothing more than a fuck to most men.


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There is no need to get married nowadays. I feel that a long-term relationship is more than enough.

I don’t think we need to assume women have to get married to be successful. The scenario is rigged against the woman, since we have made this assumption. The questions above are set up to put the woman in a defensive position, which is usually easy to pick apart.

With that being said, I do find that many career women trap themselves in a cycle of short to medium term positive stimulus, coming from their jobs, causing a tendency to neglect personal relationships. Compared to men, women value acceptance and positive reinforcement. So, if their job is the main source of group inclusion, they start to prioritize the job over other things.

pretty angry bloke and clearly threatened by the fact that the playing field has been leveled somewhat but he makes a few valid points.

It seems like people now treat it all like a game have a lot of preconceived ideas about the type of spouse they want which ironically is a huge regression to bygone eras.

I’m not some old romantic but the whole point is to find someone that makes you want to cut through all the games and where you want to text them the next morning instead of waiting etc. etc. And it’s more about the personal connection rather than having a prescribed idea of the calibre of person you deserve and then assessing that using things like career prospects, financial security etc.

what if the girl was in a ltr and got out of it in her 30s - shes probably not crazy, things just didnt turn out as expected.

I do believe the feminist movement resulted in some negative repercussions. For example, the ideology behind that movement is equality - if a man believes in such a notion - then chivalry is likely to cease to exist. I still open the car door for my woman, take the trash out, etc. but in return i expect certain things that may not cope well with today’s independant woman.

Circumstances are a real thing in my opinion. Not all people have the same opportunities, nor live the same “coincidences”. Lot of people could have been prey not only of their own decisions, but their circumstances too.

I think that engaging a 30s+ lady is not necessarily being conned. Some women have had hard life, been in the fast lane, so lot of those women could end up being lovely mothers and wifes. Why? Because they have really matured and realize they are alone. Of course, the man must assess the character of her. If you see a selfish, egocentric, picky lady (assuming she is not far out of your league), then find another one.

For a man also in this kind of “trouble”, finding a 30+ lady could solve a lot of his concerns. She is mature, economically stable, educated, etc, so I would recommend not to hate women just for them being 30+ age…

i take my first dates to the beach and give them a bag of cheetos.

i dont bring flowers. i give my chick some starbursts or skittles when we go to the movies.

i open the door so i can smack that ass.

i always tell them what i like and compliment them when its true and sincere. if its something that annoys me i ignore it unless asked directly.

when i take them out for food. i’ll drop my card on the first date, if they offer to pay good, if not i let it slide until on the third date, where i expect to smash or i cut them loose.

i get really awkward when i find out they are old or have kids. i am trying to think of a way to be more smooth and less insulting lol.

^my boy

You shouldn’t lump in women in their 30s who are single for other reasons (like divorced husband who turned into a deadbeat or cheated on them) or stuck around in a long term relationship but guy never fully committed etc.

I don’t enjoy reading the moanings of red pill contributors who can’t get laid or find happiness so they have to vent frustration by making scathing generalizations about the whole female gender. With that said- I would agree that probably 9 out of 10 single women in their 30s do have fucked up expectations.

Yea women over 30 shouldn’t be too picky since all the successful guys older can and probably prefer someone younger with less entitlement.

Wait, why Cheetos? Won’t the orange powder interfere with various “actions”, or is that the point? Just avoid spicy Doritos - that might not end well, amiright?

Re Nerdy: see that’s the cultural difference bt two schools of thoughts. Id bet nerdy and i are around the same age and yet our approached couldnt be further apart. First date, all dates for that matter until we got a joint cc, i paid, would never let them pay for dinner (or anything - but it is nice to get that offer to pay). that said, i would def be considered a misogynist compared to nerdy’s lib leaning.

The 30 something career woman has definitely backed herself into a corner somewhat by pursuing a career over finding a husband. I do think women “in general” like to date guys that are at least equal (or higher) to them in terms of intelligence, education and general success. The problem is that guys who are successful and single in their 30s and 40s don’t really want the controlling, career woman who has opinions about everything. I dated a few of these women and it got to be quite annoying and these women were so judgemental.

chivalry is dead - who cares. A woman that expects you to take out the trash and open a car door as an excuse to bang you at any time you like is probably a low quality person. Taking out the trash is literally something that like… anyone can do. “Dear I took out the trash, now i demand as a a man that you bone me, then do the laundry, take care of the kids…” wut

I agree with the first part though, this forum has a lot of people that are just angry at women so these types of posts (OP’s) pop up all the time. Every persons situation is different, but its easier to just lump people into categories so thats what we all do.

yea im with Nerdy, i dont go out with a woman who wont split the check. Its an easy way to weed out girls who go out on tons of dates partially for food and whatnot. I also have no interest in the 1950’s ideas of courtship, but I also dont expect anything like that from the woman.

Where you from WYG, know you are living in Cali now but sounds very southern

Do what works for you. I’ll gladly take out the trash and fix stuff around the house and do dishes if she’ll cook and do the majority of the laundry. It’s just division of labor if two people are working and you do what works. We just use Wunderlist and chip away at it.

In terms of women in their 30s…well, I think there are probably fewer people of marriage material of both sexes in their 30s because the ones that do make good marriage material and prioritize marriage probably got picked off in their 20s.

^^living in Boston homie, from Connecticut/New York City.

to each their own tho, i take out the trash bc we live in a nice area surrounded by the hood and its often dark out. Equality doesnt exist when it comes to physical situations - same is true with any heavy lifting. We have a dog in which she washes her, brushes her teeth, clips her nails etc bc she thinks about it whereas id probably do each once a year. Gotta find a lifestyle that works for you.

That is married life tho, in dating i took the dinner (paying) approach with girls i only saw potential with.

my bad - thought you were in cali for some reason

whoa whoa whoa. why am i liberal? im honestly just lazy af.