Women, part 3

I hope Ohai doesn’t mind me borrowing from him.

So yesterday afternoon, my wife calls me at work. She’s practically hysterical over the fact that our kitchen sink won’t drain, and the garbage disposal won’t work. I told her to wait two more hours until I can get home to look at it.

Two hours later, I come home, and my wife tells me that she’s already called a plumber, and that he’s on his way, and should be here any minute now.

I look at the sink, and sure enough, it is half full of water. I turn on the garbage disposal, and it seems to run, but it’s not working right, because the water is still standing in the sink. So I reach into the water, pull out the plug, and the sink starts working just fine.

^ haha. Women just need to chill out. I didn’t have a garbage disposal for almost a week while I took my time to replace it. Not everything is critical.

I had a gf that got lost driving on a MAJOR HIGHWAY despite having GPS the entire time

But if she was using Apple Maps, that might be understandable.

Women do like Apple stuff.

it was a garmin dash mount. probably not that much better though

Charged for the service call?

No, he never got there. She texted him and canceled before he could come.

Somewhere deep inside, I kinda wanted her to write a check for $75 because she didn’t know there was a plug in the drain. I think that would have taught her something. Don’t know what, but something.

And why could she not wait for you to get home? That would be the part that would have bothered me, especially if she implied she was going to wait.

Because one of a wife’s solemn duties is to emasculate her husband so that he doesn’t have the self-confidence to run around on her.

Eh, I’ve done dumb crap like this.

Ok, I’m learning. Slowly, but surely.

I once called my landlord asking where the fuse box was because I blew a fuse. It’s right next to my door and I see it pretty much all the time.

I don’t think women have a monopoly on doing stupid stuff.

If someone asked me to do “womanly stuff” like sewing, the outcome would probably be hilariously bad.

isnt the checking account under your name?

You wouldn’t want that. She would make you pay later that night by giving you the “I’m not in the mood” speech.

For every one of these threads, I am sure there is a thread on Jezebel asking “why does my bf watch so much porn”, or something like that.

Those topics are not really comparable LOOOOL

b/tches be emotional. their first reaction to everything is emotional. paralyzes them in moments of even mild emergency.

But those of us who don’t freak out and take care of things independently, are then being called cold and emotionless…

Men shouldn’t complain about women being irrationally emotional, because many (not all of thank god) of men are most comfortable with that type of behavior.