So, my wife drove to the airport to pick me up. When the plane lands, I call her and she panickingly tells me that the car is at the terminal but won’t start. Anyway, I go find her and the car, and the battery is dead. So, I call a tow truck. When the guy gets there, he asks what happened. I say I have no idea - I just got off the plane and my wife couldn’t start the car. So, he sympathetically says “your wife huh?”.

Apparently, my wife got to the airport early and was sitting in the car with the radio on. It was running off the car battery as she left the engine off. That’s why the battery died. What the hell is this? I don’t like to stereotype, but this is one of those things that is impossible if you have a penis…

So don’t stereotype.

I once went to a barbeque, where a guy killed the battery by playing music off his car… Did I mention he was not the only guy in a group?

You are just pissed and venting which is understandable. But don’t make blanket statements - she just dropped the ball. Happens.

Running radio on battery is perfectly safe, and doesn’t drain the battery much. I’m pretty sure people with penises do it too.

I sit in the car listening to the radio all the time when waiting in the car. My battery has never died doing this so either that battery was on it’s way out or she must have been there for a really long time.

If you have a penis, you should have jumper cables in your car IMO.

Agreed with the others. Dudes do this kind of stuff too, and sitting in the car listening to the radio shouldn’t kill your battery. More likely that it was ready to go anytime.

And if you’re going to stereotype, then why didn’t you fix it? You called a tow truck because of a dead battery?

In the words of Blake, LMAO.

How long was she running the radio? Probably a long time. I literally have never heard of this actually happening, ever. I thought it was just an urban legend parents told their 16 year olds.

your wife picks you up from the airport? that is f*cking amazing. Of the 100 trips I’ve taken in the last couple years, my wife has picked me up exactly zero times. of the 5 times my wife has travelled, i’ve picked her up 5 times. what is it with women not being able to drive their ass home from the airport?

ohai, running the radio with engine off would not kill the car. I doubt it was the radio.

Now, if she sat there engine off, and kept the headlights on for 20-30minutes, that WILL kill the battery. Did she have the headlights on?

^ I was thinking the same. The headlights must have been on the whole time.

That’s your lesson for giving her permission to leave the kitchen :wink:

Oh man, i did this once back when i was 23…only 6yrs ago. I had just broken up with my exgf and was desp to get laid so I drove to a girls house that I knew and picked her up took her to a car park. I put some music on and then did muy thang with her whilst playing music on my stereo!!! Then the stereo died…and I couldn;t switch the engine on!!! School boy error!!!

She was horrible so looking I made her take off her sock, clean herself up and walk the half mile home whilst I phone my dad to bring jackleads. Pretty embarrassing…and I’m an arsehole too!

Pretty sure the battery was on it’s way out. Can only blame on stupid people, not penis or vaginas.

I gotta jump in here and defend Ohai. Every time someone makes a comment you get a bunch of technicians and know-it-alls that I’d like to see identify the windshield fluid tank under a typical hood, when that isn’t even the point.

My man’s point was, many women are blissfully ignorant of the mechanics of many modern day devices, and perhaps do not think of things mechanically and functionally as many men do. I wouldn’t say it is a blanket statement – clearly some women are better at these things than some men, but that’s not the point. The point is about aggregates. The idea that women don’t have a natural grasp of these things is not likely news, to anyone else who is married, including yours truly.

And my wife would even be the first to vehemently tell me that she doesn’t care to know about this sh!t, before she walks away to let me take care of fixing whatever it is.


When I’m parked, I listen to the radio with my engine running and rev it up to 3000 rpm if a song with too much bass comes on.

Look, if she was listening to Led Zeppelin or CCR, she did the right thing…

^ Respect.

This is a valid counter-argument.

The battery was on its way out if the radio killed it. I agree to the point that many women are blissfully ignorant of the mechanics of cars, but would not stereotype this one as the radio should not have killed it if the battery had been ok. In any case, next time just flag down one of the many cabs at airports to help you jump start your car…the tow truck was a noob move, how much did that cost? Unless it was covered by insurance.

Just wanted to be sure everyone read this. This is the real moral of the story.