Women's Basketball

My friend bets women’s basketball practically everyday and says he is making a killing. He claims the market is very inefficient and the lines are very easy to hedge and/or beat. Anybody here bet sports, and does that make sense?

I find it difficult to believe there’s any amount of money that makes watching women’s basketball bearable.

I bet football or soccer for some of you and cricket. It’s a joke,

Most footy games in the english premier league end with scorelines 1-0,2-0,2-1. The odd’s are so ridiculous that even if i have no idea which team’s gonna win and bet 5bucks on those 3 scorelines for both teams i’m still making a profit of 30.

Bet with sizeable sums and you can pull 20k per year easy. Do it with a sport you follow obviously. I tried Basketball but couldn’t really find a niche, Don’t know the game that well.

i like betting college bowl games


Any tips or do you just bet on the winner? Betting on a team to win is a slow process of making money, You really have to be betting big amounts to make it worthwile though most of the time they are sureshot…

I read an article on BBG BusinessWeek a while back about a guy who was making a mint betting Women’s BBall. Apparently oddsmakers pay as much attention to women’s bball as much as the general public does… He said the lines were consistently way off base.

But before anyone goes and blows their juicy bonus checks, realize this was written at least 3 years ago if I remember correctly. Don’t know if things have changed.

What ‘Lines’ are you talking about? Are you talking about the odd’s of a particular team winning or something else?

Is he betting on things like a team to win all 4 quarters etc because those will have obscenely high odds…12+.

A line is the amount of points a team is expected to win by. So, if UConn is playing 'Cuse and UConn is -5, then that means that UConn is favored by five points. If They win by five or more points and you bet UConn, then you double your money.


That sounds strange…wait one second…let me check

Are their spreads in soccer? Seems like that would be a money line bet.

Just checked, Interesting…It’s coming as ‘Spread’…What is ‘Money Line’?

Spreads would be the scoreline right? That’s the example i gave.

You can bet on the number of goals the match will have too…For example take Arsenal v Man Utd.

You can take Arsenal to win by 2 goals or vice versa but betting on the exact scoreline and betting on various scorelines makes you more money long run.

I have ‘Spread’ and ‘Money Lines’ as seperate. Can i upload a pic here? I’ll upload it and show you…

So, for example, the Chiefs are +9.5 vs the Chargers this weekend or the money line is 360 for the Chiefs to win outright. I could bet $100 and take the 9.5 points and double my money if the Chiefs end the game within 9.5 points, or I could bet $100 they win outright and I’d be rewarded with $360.

Conversely, the Chargers money line is -450. You’d have to bet $450 to make $100.

Ok got you, It’s not like that in footy. It’s much simpler and much better i think. You never have to bet more to win less.

Let’s say Barcelona are the best team in the world and they’re playing the worst team in Spain. The odds will still probably be 1.030 or something. So you’re still winning more that what you put for something almost 99% guaranteed.

That being said some guy put 500k pounds when United were leading Crystal Palance 4-1. Final score? 4-4.


A while back, Colin Cowherd said that he bet he could put together a high school boy’s team that could beat a WNBA team. Not hard to imagine if you think about it. Lebron and Kobe both went straight out of high school to the NBA.

Just checked

It’s not like that on the site i use. It’s still odd’s format. I guess money line is just the outright winner

Watch Two for the Money. My nigga Al Pacino kills it!

a lot of the bowls are mismatches so i bet 100-200 on the spread…i like ohio state a lot…

sometimes i parlay and take the spread and over/under

i only do moneylines when i think there might be a big upset but i hedge that with other bets

Money lines is final outcome right? I’m damn confused now…obv you’d want to keep doing it on something which is more or less guaranteed right?

I mean i get what you’re saying but moneylines should be an everyday thing right?

every sport has a money line, which is picking the winner (no spread)…for sports that are close scoring like soccer, hockey, baseball people usually bet the moneyline (who you think will win)…sports like football (nfl) and basketabll also let you bet the spread because teams are favorite by more than a few points.

the thing with money line is that if you bet on the favorite its most likely has money line like (-105 small favorite to -450 for big favorite) so in order to win $100 you will need to bet $450 which is crazy. moneyline bets in nfl are good when you think an upset can happen. otherwise i just bed on teams covering/not covering spread which is an even money bet