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I know it sounds cheesy but I’ve been doing that p90x infomercial DVD set. Never felt better. It comes with a pretty strict diet plan too. Personally I just do the work out. Best of luck!

mdubs85 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I know it sounds cheesy but I’ve been doing that > p90x infomercial DVD set. Never felt better. It > comes with a pretty strict diet plan too. > Personally I just do the work out. Best of luck! I’ve heard they can be demanding, but you can make your own workout routine and it’s intensity without some asshole yelling at you…my buddy (who’s not in good shape at all, an engineer and major beer drinker) was into that…I told him, fuck Conrad just go for a jog a few times a week. So many people go from zero-sixty and wonder why they never keep exercise regimes for any length of duration. Whoever said slow and steady is right…

Here we go. I used to do natural bodybuilding competitions in my early 20’s. Currently 5’8, 210 pounds, mesomorph - if you see me in the gym, you’d think I’m from the planet fitness commercials…Anywhoo… The best things you can do to build a quality physique: 1) differentiate your workout - don’t do the whole body crap if you can get to the gym more than 3 times per week (which you should be able to) - i.e. isolate bodyparts 2) Don’t use machines until end of workout - stick with free weights 3) Lift heavy - you can also go on a program of 3 weeks hypertrophy (maxout 8-10 reps), strength (maxout 5-6 reps), power (maxout 3 reps), hypertrophy 4) Do low intensity treadmill cardio in the morning as soon as you wake up before eating (just have a small black coffee) on high incline 45-60 minutes (3.6 speed with 10-12 incline); keep heartrate in 125-135 zone 5) Couple of times per week (for the heart) do HIIT (high intensity interval training) for 20 minutes -> do these on your pure cardio days (which I do every 2nd to 3rd workout to give the muscles a rest) 6) If you are going to do cardio with weight training, do it after since you will be isolating fat reduction (with some muscle depending on the intensity) - you’ll be able to lift heavier and your carbs should be depleted from the weight training 7) Do your weight training after some meals (i.e. better a night than in the morning); optimally in the afternoon - remember to give yourself an hour after eating before weight training My program: 1) Wake up - small coffee 2) 45 minutes low intensity treadmill (have one in my place) 3) oatmeal and another small coffee (remember to limit your caffeine; it has a negative effect on DHEA levels at certain volumes) 4) 10:00 - eat apple 5) 1:00 pm eat sensible lunch (I eat a the pump - nyc: brown rice (handful) chicken or turkey, mixed fresh veggies, lentils; decaffeinated Green or White Tea 6) 5:00 protein shake and small coffee 7) 7:30 (if I can get out of work) hit the gym - weights 45 minutes high intensity; 20 minutes cardio (usually elliptical) 8) home 9:30 - protein shake with glutamine and carb supplement 9) 11:00 - chicken or salmon on salad; dressing is olive oil and a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, pepper 10) 12:00 crashed - 7h sleep This schedule naturally fluctuates with work schedule and exams but I’ve found this optimal; can lose 25-30 pounds in 3 months while retain muscle gains. Tips on studying: 1) Do not slack off on exercise when you are studying; it’s even more important - study in the morning after cardio and at night after training: at this point you are highly alert and the time spent at the gym will be saved from the pages you don’t have to reread! Additionally, you’ll be highly productive and alert during the day 2) Get a kindle for the material (when available) or always carry a book for travelling. Read it on the train, subway, etc… 3) Cut down logistics - i.e. get a treadmill or rent a place with a gym. Get a gym in very close proximity - near your subway stop, place, work, etc… Unfortunately (and fortunately) I live in NYC; the excellent food choices are abundant (especially great French joints!!). Gotta keep on track do to those weekend outings… Hope this helps (and let the flaming begin!).

^ sometimes switch the salmon with Tilapia Remember the key weight training moves: 1) Bench Press 2) Squats (work the legs!!!) 3) Deadlifts Remember to work the core as well (alternate between upper and lower abs). Reduce carbs increase fat (monounsaturated ; get polyunsaturated to keep your mind fresh). Remember to take multi-vitamins as well; and if your getting older like me…glucosamine for the joints…! Or just forget all the above and get a Shake Weight :slight_smile:

Keys, Sorry for being an AF nerd, but pics or you don’t exist.

I start the day with half a grape, peeled. Then I run a half marathon… a full marathon on weekends. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated when you do the full ones. After the marathon, it’s 1000 push-ups, followed by a lunch of weak tea and carrots. If I’m feeling like splurging, I’ll have some cauliflower for dessert. On very special occasions, I might include some wheatgrass juice. Then I play squash with my boss, who I regularly beat, and he gives me a $100k bonus each time I do it. Dinner is for wimps, but I will have an extra glass of water, just to finish off the day. Then, sex with models, but I’m usually a bit tired, so I stop after the 10th. My dad calls me a wimp; apparently he was much better at my age. So on thursdays I have to skip squash and talk with my therapist. I can’t figure out why everyone doesn’t do this. It’s not like it’s hard or anything.


Keys actually has the healthiest weight-loss diet and routine on this thread, so I don’t really understand the sarcasm. Especially from people who post not so fit photos online.

Thanks for the advices. My major problem is that I have never been into regular exercise routine. Thus, exercise these days results in fatigue rather than mental alertness. I really can’t concentrate even after 30 min (medium intensity) treadmill and end up wasting so much time. Therefore, I decided to cut back on exercise and up my study time. Really surprised to know that my diet is wrong. I really better consult a nutritionist, then.

Dude, dont get distracted, Your diet is fine, you are just eating too much. He’ll I could eat mcdonalds everyday and have a six pack, provided I keep my calories low. Your body needs a certain amount of protein and fat to survive. It doesn’t need carbs, but life sucks without them. In the end, when we are talking about Weight Loss the only thing that matters is the ratio of calories burned / calories eaten over the long run. A ratio Higher than 1 means you are fetting skinnier. That’s it, nothing more. I’ve answered your question, end of argument. It’s physics, seriously look of the Law of Thermodynamics, no 2 I think. As for physique, building muscles, getting healthy, and in shape that is a completely different question, which people are free to argue about. I would just say go with a fitness routine you can stick to and would enjoy. These routines will not necessarily lead to you getting skinnier. In fact most people who exercise just go and eat a snickers bar after their workout and wonder why they are still fat. I avoid carbs on my diet, not because they make me fat, they don’t, but because they make me hungry and I can easily binge on them. The reason Atkins diets work is because people have a hard time eating too many calories in pure meat. Therefore I eat carbs before and after fitness, and avoid them more or less the rest of the time.

^ tomato soup for lunch is too much? Are you anorexic?

Valores: Don’t you think I’d add a couple of inches to my below average stature if I was falsifying information :slight_smile: bchadwick: you need to up your protein intake if you plan to maximize the nightly model excursions!

I really wanna see what these guys look like

I mean the muscle men


keys - thanks! i’ve been getting back into the mode since mid-december and am reworking my diet as my metabolism has jumped through the roof. you give some great suggestions and i’d like to add that for snacks - make it a rule to drink water/tea/etc. with every snack because most of the time you’re not hungry, you’re just getting dehydrated. almonds, trail mix and fresh (or dried) fruits make great options. this includes peeled grapes.

Keys Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > umm, it might not be that big of a problem, but it seems like you don’t have a face.

Damn keys - you’re a beast. Good for you bro - thanks for the map. Going to try to incorporate some of your regimen.

Keys Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ^ sometimes switch the salmon with Tilapia > > Remember the key weight training moves: > > 1) Bench Press > 2) Squats (work the legs!!!) > 3) Deadlifts Agree with most of what you said, although two a days aren’t really doable for many of us. I just wanted to add the press/push press as a potential sub for bench. I have usually heard that squat, deadlift and press are the trifecta for weightlifting. One other thing, if you are trying to get a good workout done in a short amount of time a squat thrust and pullup (assisted if necessary) workout can be pretty solid.