Work Shirts

We talk a lot about watches, cars, suits, shoes, restaurants etc. but what are the view on work shirts?

Interesting article from the FT about the decline in tailored shirts and the rise of value multibuy deals: ttps://

Personally I go the value multibuy route. They look good and I’ve found one that fits particularly well. The impression I have of more expensive shirts is the old school city gents I used to see skipping round London in their Churches shoes with shirts that were such high quality cotton that they creased all over and looked like they’d been picked up from a heap on the floor that morning rather than from a walk in closet in the Home Counties country mansion.

Should I reconsider and get myself some shirts tailored? Should I get my initials sewn into them?

I usually swing by Century 21 or Marshalls/TJ Maxx (dont worry I have already hacksawed myself) and hit their selection of discounted stuff. 8/10 times they dont have anything I like in my size but once in a while they do and I grab a shirt or two. Non-iron is the only way to go because I am way lazy

I just buy the same shirt with different colors from Nordstrom Rack.

My neighbor (single mom, pretty well off) sells Cabi clothes (pyramid scheme but women generally like the clothes). She just recently got into selling mens clothing through J. Hilburn. I needed some new shirts so I figured I’d give it a try…It’s pretty awesome. She took my measurements and the shirts are custom made (you pick the fabric, cuffs, collar, buttons, etc.) and if they aren’t perfectly tailored when they arrive, the company pays to have them tailored for you. Another neighbor just got a suit from her and he really likes it. Seems like good stuff.

tl;dr - some pyramid schemes offer some nice shit.

I tend to purchase Charles Tyrwhitt or Joseph Abboud shirts. I like the quality, durability, and they fit ok for not being tailored (usually slim fit)

I find I still have to iron my non-iron shirts if I wash them myself instead of taking them to the cleaners. Not sure why that is. Fortunately, I generally only need to wear a suit once or twice per month.

What do you guys normally pay for a tailored shirt compared to something off the rack? Here in Toronto there’s a company that does full custom for around $50CAN/shirt with a great selection, choice of collar, cuffs, etc. Pretty good deal IMO.

Like $25.

Made to measure from the big and tall store has been my go to. The quality of fabrics seem to be on par with the fabrics when I buy a Ralph Lauren or similar brand at Macy’s, but the fit is so much better. As a large man with ridiculously wide shoulders and very long arms, getting a better fit through the chest while not being super baggy around my stomach and hips is a big plus. And depending on the time of year, I can get them for under $100 a shirt. I buy 3 or 4 a year and have probably 10 now. As an added bonus, having someone hold the cloth measuring tape all over you and suggest all sorts of fabrics and stuff makes you feel like a BSD.

A mate of mine swears that if you hang up non iron shirts back on the hanger before washing them then you can get away without ironing them.

CK with different colors from macys on sale.

Yea mine still have some wrinkles that I iron out if I need to get dressed up for an event, but for general work purposes they suffice unironed for me (i dont dry clean often either I usually wash myself also)

+1 had a Joseph Abboud shirt previously and it was really nice. Think i wore a hole in the elbow though, that seems to be the demise of most of my shirts.

My elbows go all the time.

i still think Charles Trywitt are boxy for an English cut. Tailored shirts are the way to go.

I have some Eton’s and a Canali that I love but they’re pricey for me. But for the most part I just wear whatever button down shirts my parents and wife buy me for Christmas from the mall. Polos three months of the year.

Might have to check out this Nordstrom Rack place.

Never iron my stuff.

I like Stafford clothes. Need to stop by the JCP more.

Banana Republic Tailored Fit Shirts for Me and CK for my All-Whites.

I must be doing something wrong because I still have to iron my non-iron shirts.

no love for brooks brothers? I wear t-shirts and jeans now, but BB used to be my go to. Their x-slim was a nice fit. durability was pretty good too.

^Brooks Brothers? This isn’t Wall Street Oasis.