Worst PASS matrix

Post the worst PASS matrix you’ve seen for level III. Maybe this will give me some hope lol

This is one of the pass matrix from 2016. Definitely gives some hope.


6 topics <50, 2 topics 50-70, 2 topics >70


1 topic <50, 3 topics 50-70, 5 topics >70

If anyone has a worse matrix, they can share as well:)

Another one from 2016:


7 topics <50, 3 topics >70 (Asset Allocation, Monitoring & Rebalancing and Equity Investments)


2 topics <50, 1 topic 50-70, 6 topics >70

I think it can’t get worse than this!

At least there’s hope! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s kind of a funny breakdown though. In PM, below 50 probably means something like 30-49.9. But in AM, below 50 could literally be 0. Or … 6.

For the score with 7 AM topics below 50%, if s/he got the midpoint of every other band (and assuming equal weights in AM topics, which is definitely not true, but best possible given the info), even a 49.9/50 on those 7 AM topics only produces a 61.2. I guess if you go looking for the most unlikely passing matrix, you’ll find an unusual one – certainly, this person must have a) scored more in the 40s in those 7 AM topics; b) Had their 3 other AM topics be big IPS questions; c) scored closer to 100% in their top 6 PM topics. This could be a rock star who spent too long on the IPS questions and got flustered on the rest of the AM.

This would be fail as Niagara Fall at Level 1 and Level 2.

I was playing this game in last year’s results thread. Lots of scary “best failing matrix” results as well.

all depends on how clever the people you wrote with are.

I guess, all depends on how well you did on the actual exam versus others…

it is a zero sum game, only half goes through the other half loses…

I love these threads… do a search… every year we play this game…

my 0.02 is that given the format of level 3 the score range estimate based on the matriz is wider compared to level 2 … best estimate is that you need AT LEAST A 60% to have any chance of passing…

another point is that the matrix probably includes the “adjusted” score

This was a band 4 -


7 topics <50, 3 topics 50-70 , 1 topic > 70


3 topics <50, 2 topics 50-70, 4 topics >70 (incl. Ethics)

Yep. Like Futures trading.

There have been passing matrices in the past three years with only 4 sections >70. The MPS appears to be between 60-64 most years and that’s after CFAI adjustments. A common theme seems to be a number of test takers leaving many points blank in the AM which likely brings down the MPS.

How many points/% do you think final adjustments are ?? Like 1-2%



^ Same on CFAI exam. Some participants just came like tourists to see the questions and what exam look like. They really didn’t intend to pass.

curiously at my test center there were a lot of no-shows maybe 10% total empty seat numbers… was bummed that they didn’t show up to help the MPS out… One guy only came for PM lol

Quick question, isn’t it 50% or less. Which means 3/6 in PM will result in a below 50 range?

yes so its 1-3, 4, 5-6 questions right in the matrix.